Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Scottish Championships - Playoffs

Apologies for the delay in the blog, a combination of being ridiculously hungover, having to go back to work and not wanting to rehash it all put it at the back of the list..

I am assuming the majority of people will have already heard the results of the weekend, but we will recap anyway.

The 3v4 game against Warwick Smith took place at 2.30pm on Saturday.

Edwards 10040 20010 -  8
W Smith 00201 01201 -  7

We were under a fair bit of pressure at the start of the game until the 4th end, where we managed to take a 4. We played well for the next couple of ends until we got a little generous and dished out a steal of 2 in the 8th end.  This made the game a lot tighter. In the final end, Warwick had a tough tap back for 2 to get to an extra. It was very close, but his stone didn’t curl quite enough. This secured our place in the semi-final against Logan Gray who lost the 1v2 against Tom Brewster.

In between having a drink with Warwicks team, shaking lots of people hands, deciding what stones we want to play and eating, we did not really have very much time between the 3v4 and the semi.

This is how the game against Logan went.

Edwards 00200 03010 - 5
Gray       03001 00102 - 6

We didn’t have an ideal second end. We started to get in a bit of trouble when John’s freeze attempt picked allowing Logan to take the initiative. Following that, we made a good attempt at a comeback and took the lead for the first time in the game when Logan flashed a double attempt to give us 3 in the 7th. 1 up without the hammer in the 10th end, things were going well and looked as if we were headed for an extra end. We under iced Dave’s peel and that gave Logan an opportunity to come around to make his 2. Dave made a very good freeze on Logan’s stone and sat shot with about 2 inches between them. Logan played a fantastic shot that chipped our shot stone over the face of his to earn his 2 and a place in a final. We called for an ambitious measure in hope that the umpire would mess it up in some manner, but unfortunately we were not so lucky!

So we got another 3rd place but over the course of the year we were a far better team. Also, looking at the games we did lose. We made it very difficult for teams to beat us. Our opponents had to make their lost stone on every occasion.

Congratulations to Team Brewster and good luck in Victoria.

So what do you do after losing the semi final of the Scottish?

Of course you do. I would like to give you a run down of what went on, but everything is still very hazy. There was a frisbee, Andy Mac getting naked and I had significant issues negotiating the stairs in The Loft. That is all there is in the bank.

That is it for the season. The Team Edwards mixed team will be making a reappearance at this years Scottish Mixed Championships at the end of March, so you may get some more blogging at that point. But for now, we are out.

Team Edwards

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