Thursday, 14 February 2013

Scottish Championships – Tuesday/Wednesday

After our game against Hammy we headed to Tesco for some more fuel. This time it was Scott’s turn to do the cooking for the day. His meal of choice was Chicken Enchiladas. While in Tesco, Scott and Dave were convinced into some doing product testing of some Peanut Butter. This delayed our already famished team from eating. So it was much to our dismay, that when we arrived at Tudor Cottage ready to get started cooking, that Dave had left the keys to the cottage in his jacket pocket, which was still in the ice rink. David “Rhiann” Edwards.

Scott began to create his meal and created one hell of a mess. Peppers, onions, packaging and enchilada spice powder were all over the place.

The enchiladas were actually fairly good and filled a massive hole.  The good news is that, so far, no one has food poisoning.

After the Mexican feast we were up against David Murdoch/Tom Brewster. This is how the game panned out.

Edwards  02000 10001 0 -4
Brewster 10011 00010 1 -5

We hammered the draw shot challenge the entire length of the sheet and got within a couple of inches to the pin. Unfortunately, Murdoch canned it and won the hammer. As you can see, it was a very tight game that went the way of Murdoch after an extra. We played well but could not get the double-ewe this time.

After the game we had a de-brief with Greig Henderson who was giving his opinion of some of the tactical decisions we made over the course of the game. Here is Greig re-enacting the 9th end using pints of Tennents and a can of coke.

Our first game on Wednesday was against Kyle Smith. During the practice, we noticed that Team McCleary’s coach, Martin Sutherland, was wearing shorts on the ice. This was in protest to the “no jeans on the ice” ruling that was being enforced by the umpires on coaches. We think that he made his point pretty well.

We slipped back button with our draw which was not quite good enough to earn the hammer. This is how the game progressed.
Edwards 00000 404 X 8
K Smith   00011 010 X 3

We managed to get a couple of big ends towards the end of the game against the temperamental youngsters and got the win that sets us up well going into the last couple of games.

Today the game of choice on the XBOX 360 was Call of Duty Black Ops 2. We played a team death match with Colin and John versus Scott and Dave. This time John showed some prowess and managed to find a helicopter gunship that was tearing Scott and Dave a new one.  This was while Colin was just running around in circles and jumping wondering why he was getting shot. The overall win count was definitely in Colin and John’s favour but Scott and Dave redeemed themselves slightly and got the win in the last round.

It was Colin’s job to create the meal for yesterday. He ran into a stumbling block almost instantly as we discovered that there was no chicken left. Scott had used 8 chicken breasts (2 days supplies) in his meal yesterday. Once that issue was resolved, Colin got started cooking his Red Thai Curry with extra chilli.

We were up against Logan Gray in the next game. This is how the linescore went down.

Edwards 10000 10001 0 - 4
Gray        00100 01010 1 - 5

We had so many chances but let them all slip through our fingers. Not picking up that Dave’s last stone was really straight was the thing that killed us.

Today we have Warwick Smith and Glen Muirhead. We currently stand joint 3rd on the table with a record of 4-2. If we win the remainder of our games we will qualify for the 1v2 playoff. If you we start losing, it could be messy!

Team Edwards

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  1. Martin Sutherland15 February 2013 at 16:10

    All the best of luck for the rest of the Scottish - you have all my support (and my shorts if you like!!?) now Team McCleary on bar duty for the weekend.
    P.S. Why was Scott still up at 3.14am?