Thursday, 7 February 2013

Petrofac Aberdeen City Open

Last weekend we competed in the final Goldline Scottish Curling Tour event of the season. This was quite an important weekend for us as we had the opportunity to win the Tour if we were to finish ahead of Murray Young in the standings.

Frequenters of the Team Edwards blog will know that we were in need of a replacement due to our self-proclaimed glorious leader being AWOL. Graeme Penny, John’s wee brother stepped in to fill the void, much like Miguel did during Dave’s appointment.

Our first game was against Craigie. John’s debut skipping the team went well and we generated a comfortable lead at the start of the game. Due to the much loved Schenkel system that was in place, we kept our foot on the gas and ran out 8-2 winners with 6 ends in the bank.

Dave was smooth and back in action for our second game against Murray Young who had stuck their ringer, Grant Hardie, into skip. Obviously, as they were our only competition for the overall title it would have been nice to get a win over them. We got a small lead, but with our peeling at a standard that would embarrass any Senior Women’s curler, we did not manage to hold on to it and lost the game quite comfortably.

Brenda giving Scott and John peeling tips.

With all our games on Friday now complete, Scott saw an opportunity to let his dance moves loose on Aberdeen. Until 4am. Being young and full of energy, he would like to think he would manage the 9am game without any issues. Unfortunately this was not the case and he struggled to break the 15% mark on draws. One highlight of the game for him was managing to hit the 12ft in the 7th end. Despite this brush breakingly bad performance, we ran out 11-4 winners over Sergey Korolenko from Russia.

Our last game of the group stages was against David Robertson. This was a must win to qualify for the playoffs, and that is exactly what we did with the score finishing 11-4. It was a good victory although it was pretty evident that the Robertson foursome had their minds set on other things. Like spiking everybody’s drinks with vodka and travelling to Nairn for the Curler’s Court. The win qualified us 3rd in our group behind Jackie Lockhart and Jaap Van Dorp.

But before the KO stages we had the Saturday evening dinner and Horse Race.  We were seated with Team Kerry Barr for the dinner who would later be our victims in the quarter finals. Usually it is Rhiann who takes the lime light for any “special” remarks that are made. This time Kerry snatched her crown.

Rhiann – “What is Rose Wine made out of?”
Kerry – “Strawberries I think. Yeah. Definitely Strawberries”

Kerry with her "Strawberry" wine

One thing to do if you see Rhiann over the next couple of days or weeks is to ask her how to make her infamous Lemon and Lime Chicken and what she thinks of Andy Mac’s favourite nightclub game.

You will get a bite.

In the second horse race of the year, Scott was once again the Team Edwards jockey and this time there were some big bucks at stake. In the first heat, dubious “tactics” led to Scott sneaking a possibly undue victory which qualified him for the Champions of Champions final. Scott lined up in lane one with the 5 other qualifiers as the competitors were auctioned off to the crowd. Paul Stevenson had the faith and purchased Scott for a steal of £50. Following the auction and the betting it was clear Scott was far from being the favourite. This not being an issue at all, Scott raced to victory winning it by a length of a Shetland pony earning himself a bottle of Famous Grouse and Paul Stevenson a couple hundred pounds.

I would have preferred the money

After all these events it was off to bed to get some rest before the big game against Kerry, Rachel, Rhiann and Barbara. This was an absolutely massive game. The main driver for the game was pride as they would be mouthing off for so long if they were to beat us. Fortunately, we found the spanking paddle and dished out the pain. All of the Strawberry Wine they had the previous evening must have assisted in their defeat. In other games, Murray Young got beaten by Team Brewerdoch which resulted with us winning the Scottish Curling Tour! I think we get the trophy (and more importantly the money) at the Scottish next week.

This lined us up against Brewerdoch minus the Brewer in the semi. They played pretty good and beat us. We then played Jackie Lockhart in the 3/4 game for a wee bit more money which we managed to win.

Congratulations to Team Brewster who won the tournament beating Van Dorp in the final.

Team Edwards getting their money.

That is all from Team Edwards

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