Saturday, 16 February 2013

Scottish Championships Thursday/Friday

First up on Thursday was Warwick Smith. They are always a tough team to beat and it was a grind throughout the game. Thankfully, we had the hammer coming home and had to touch a piece of the 1ft for the win. We made the shot and got the win.

Edwards 01002 10001 - 5
W Smith 00020 02000 - 4

This time it was John’s turn to cook. We went to Simon Howie’s butcher and spent a fair whack of money on 4 of their best steaks as a treat.  John attached all of the trimmings you would expect with a steak such as onion rings, chips and mushrooms. It was a bloody good meal.

John and his meat

Apparently steak is the meal you should have if you want to play some good curling. In our game against Glen Muirhead we were pretty red hot for the first half of the game and generated a 7-2 lead at the half way point. We cooled slightly for the second half of the game but managed to win after 9 ends.

Edwards    20203 0101X 9
Muirhead  01010 1020X 5

After the game we had a couple of pints in the ice rink then headed home to get back to our now standard evening activity, Call of Duty Modern Warfare. We have been playing this game more and more as John’s confidence was getting shattered with the racing games. It is getting pretty annoying how dominant he is in this game though.

Our only game on Friday was against Grant Hardie. John took the courtesy of “fraping” Billy Morton during Team Hardies practice as he left his phone vulnerable and unlocked in their brush bad. Hope the crabs clear up, Billy! The first end was an absolute howler. The Hardie team had nothing to lose and went mega aggressive and they made everything. We even had the hammer in the first, so it is worse than it seems! We managed to claw it back well throughout the game and had a tricky shot for the win. We were a bit tight and gave up a steal.

Edwards 00210 30000 - 6
Hardie    40001 00011 - 7

The way results went, the game against Grant did not matter and we ended up in the same position as we would have had we won. This is how the top of the table finished.

1. Tom Brewster 8-1
2. Logan Gray 7-2
3. David Edwards 6-3
4. Warwick Smith 6-3

Tom Brewster will play Logan Gray in the 1v2 for a place in the final. We play Warwick Smith in the 3v4 game. The loser of the 1v2 will play the winner of the 3v4 in the semi-final. Because we won our game against Warwick in the round robin, we get the hammer.

After the game we had the Scottish Championships Players’ Dinner.

We were seated with Lauren Baxter’s team and it was an enjoyable evening. Mike Ferguson gave a rundown of went on during the Strathcona Cup. It was a far less explicit version than Greig had been telling us over the last couple of days!

The presentation of trophies and prizes for the Scottish Curling Tour took place at this dinner and we earned this massive novelty cheque.

Does anybody know where you go to cash in a cheque this size?

Congratulations also go to Team Barr, who won the Ladies Scottish Curling Tour. I have a feeling, to be considered a tour, there has to be more than one event. But a trophy is a trophy!

Dave gave an acceptance speech that included some of his opinions on the current funding set up of Scottish curling that echoed Robin Copland’s from last year. The speech got a very good response and earned him 20 more followers on Twitter. So to make him not feel quite as special, here is a link to all of the Team Edwards members Twitter accounts.

@jpcurling – John Penny
@ccampbell_curl – Colin Campbell
@granitecitydave – David Edwards
@scottmacleod1 – Scott Macleod
@TeamDEdwards – Team Edwards

You can also give Team Edwards a like on Facebook if you want to keep up with how things are going on. You might have to trawl through a couple of Twilight fan pages to get to the right one though!

This morning we had a 30 minute practice with the stones we are about to play Warwick with. Only Alan Smith turned up for the Team Smith practice and soldiered on matching the stones solo. Such a casual way to go into it!

Our game kicks off against Warwick at 2.30pm today along with the 1v2 game and the playoffs in the women’s side of the draw. If we win, we will be back on at 7.30pm this evening in the semi-final.

Team Edwards

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  1. Well done, this afternoon. Now go and reap some revenge on Logan.