Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Scottish Championships - Monday/Tuesday

We arrived late on Sunday evening at Tudor House and settled into the extremely swanky accommodation. John and Dave were there first and stocked us up with all the essentials from Tesco.

Yesterday we started early and got up at 6.45am for the 8am practice. We had a throw on each of the sheets but we were unfortunately following Team Brewster who, we were surprised to learn, had not had a training weekend teaching them how to tidy up their stones.

We had an hour and a half between the end of the practice and the start of our game against Neil Joss, so we topped up our breakfast with some bacon rolls and handed Greig Henderson his altered Team Edwards jacket in prep for the game.

The ice was good and quick, but we did not quite get to grips with the speed during the practice and gifted the hammer to Joss. Here is the line score as to how the game played out.

Edwards  00220 2002X 8
Joss          02002 0010X 5

After the win, we hung around the ice rink for a bit before heading back to Methven where we were planning on killing a bit of time. A big shout out has to go to Louise Edwards who cemented her position as No.1 WAG with an extremely impressive baking selection to feast on.

Louise's masterpiece

After adding a couple kilos, we sat down as a team with the XBOX 360. The game of choice for the day was Project Gotham Racing. After a couple of 1v1 battles it was clear there was a bit of a hierarchy and that some participants were clearly dominant.  The rankings were as follows.

1. David Edwards
2. Scott Macleod
3. Colin Campbell
4. John Penny

After a few more races, we were all starting to realise how bad John actually was. He was closer to 5th place than 3rd.

John getting hosed

For anybody who is unfamiliar with the game, there are several different classes of car. Class A being the best, with Class E is the worst. Dave challenged John to a race using a Class E (the worst car) while John was using a Class A (the best). It was effectively a Ferrari against a Toyota Prius. We will give John his due, it was a close race. Coming into the last corner John held a sizable lead. In an extremely embarrassing turn of events for John, we witnessed one of the biggest chokes in history. He absolutely hammered the wall on a chicane and ended up facing the wrong way while Dave nipped past in his Toyota to claim the victory. Shameful.

Yesterday Dave took on Chef Duty and he prepared a Chicken and Broccoli Pasta bake. Here is Dave with the fruits of his labour.

Chicken and Broccoli Pastbake

In our second game we lined up against Ross McCleary. We have had a couple tight games with them so far this season so we were not expecting it to be easy. Fortunately for us we had a very good first end and ran it out from there. Here is the linescore.

Edwards    503102X 11
McCleary  010020X  3

One thing to note in this game is that when John was asked to peel a stone out the house, he released the stone in a very unusual fashion. Here is his explanation of what happened from the man himself.

John Penny “I must have rolled my leg under my body or something, then I ended up rolling onto my back, and I couldn’t get back over to let it go.”

Basically, he ended up on his arse. This was much to the amusement of everybody around.

Our first game today was against Hammy McMillan. Here is the line score.

Edwards  00101 1201X 6
McMillan 10010 0010X 3

We were toiling for a couple ends at the start of the game but we managed to bail out well. The second half of the game went better and we managed to steal a couple of points when Hammy missed a draw.

Next up for us is a top of the table clash against Tom Brewster. If we manage to win this game, the table will be looking very sexy for us.

Team Edwards

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