Sunday, 17 March 2013

Team Edwards New Line-up

Haha. Bet that title tricked you. It is only for one weekend, so just calm yourself down.

For the last event of the season, Team Edwards are swapping John “the best looking man in Scottish curling(1)” Penny and Colin “the bush-trimmer” Campbell for a couple of women. The countdown towards the Scottish Mixed Curling Championships has begun. It is 12 days, I just had to count.

Colin will actually be competing in the event with Team Duncan Fernie. Last year they did quite well and lost out in the final. But this year, they will be struggling, as Team Edwards are back in action. Last time round, both Dave and Louise Edwards did not compete as Dave was out in Switzerland on 5th man duties with Team Brewster. Dave is the real victim of the Team Brewster 5 man rotation system as he no longer gets the opportunity to match stones and carry the brush bag for the greats of Scottish Curling. It is a travesty.

Kerry and Scott played separately with John Hamilton and Kenny Kinnear respectively. Both were hopeless and crashed and burned before the playoff stages. So in an attempt to relive the successes of 2010 and 2011, we are back together(2).

Here are profiles of both of the incomers and what their key responsibilities are for the weekend. The responsibilities are listed in order of importance.

Louise fighting against the discrimination she has faced all her life.
Name: Louise Edwards
Position: Lead

Main Responsibilities:
1. Bake cakes
2. Make sure Scott and Kerry turn up for the game
3. Carry the brush bag
4. Play some corner guards

I don't really know what she is doing.

Name: Kerry Barr
Position: Third

Main Priorities:
1. Don’t get in Scott’s way while he is sweeping
2. Hit like a man
3. Don’t sweep like a girl
4. Guard up the phenomenal situation Scott has left Team Edwards in.

Mixed Draw

Friday 29th March 11.00am vs Bruce Mouat
Friday 29th March 3.30pm vs Bye
Friday 29th March 8.00pm vs David Aitkin

Saturday 30th March 11.15pm vs Neil McArthur
Saturday 30th March 3.45pm vs Kyle Smith

So it is a tough schedule which I am sure I will make a lot tougher by burning the candle at both ends. Looking forward to it!

Team Edwards with women

(1) only the opinion of one person
(2) Scott was not playing in 2010 when we actually won the Euros. No matter what he claims.

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  1. I shall follow the progress of this team with great interest. I may even support you. If you win, you get to represent Scotland somewhere really cool and far away. Murrayfield.