Saturday, 9 February 2013

Scottish Championships 2013

Well the Scottish Championships are getting close and we will try, but ultimately fail to post on a regular basis.

This week we will be staying at Tudor Cottage in Methven.

Tudor Cottage

“Charming Tudor Cottage with woodburning stove, open plan kitchen, living, dining room and additional gallery living space, 2 bedrooms ensuite, ideal for couples, families, shooting and fishing parties.”

It sounds and looks just a little bit too expensive/classy for us, but Dave has assured us that the price is very reasonable! Does anybody know how to work a woodburning stove? I will bring my axe.

Lumberjack needed.

The owner and proprietor is a Mr David Murdoch. We don't think it is the one we will maybe be playing against.

We will be in the Perth area from Sunday evening as our practice is at a ridiculously early 8am. I think we get 10 minutes per sheet. Not a huge amount of time to match the stones considering the time the institute teams have been in Dewars. But luckily for us, one of the institute teams left their rock book unattended and we are now fully up to date on all of them. Cheers Rambo! Yellow C number 4 is a dog, eh?

This is how the draw looks for us.

Monday 11 Feb - 8am Practice

Monday 11 Feb - 10.50am v Neil Joss
Monday 11 Feb - 9pm v Ross McCleary

Tuesday 12 Feb - 11am v Hammy McMillan
Tuesday 12 Feb - 7pm v Tom Brewster

Wednesday 13 Feb - 12 noon v Kyle Smith
Wednesday 13 Feb - 8pm v Logan Gray

Thursday 14 Feb - 12 noon v Warwick Smith
Thursday 14 Feb - 8pm v Glen Muirhead

Friday 15 Feb - 3pm v Grant Hardie

Hopefully we have a few more games after all that, but we will see.

So far this season we have been completely coach-less. For the Scottish Championships we have managed to secure a short term deal with internationally acclaimed curler and tactical genius, Greig Henderson. Team Edwards have previously had the pleasure of being coached by Greig and we are happy to welcome such an "experienced" curler to our ranks. If you would like to learn more about Mr Henderson, check out his bio at the top of the screen.

Greig in his previous coaching role.

I wish the Royal Caledonian Curling Club would let us know before entering, that if we qualify, we would have to take part in some Home Economics. This is not worth it. After several attempts to complete stitching the Co-operative Funeralcare logo on my shirts, I gave up and went for the Duct Tape method.

Duct tape method + shamless plug

The duct tape method is quick and effective. On top of this it is also very aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that the umpires will not be of the same opinion.

So...... another Team Edwards plead.

Are you good at sewing?
Do you want sew 4 logos on 4 Team Edwards shirts?

Fine. I will do it myself.

Team Edwards

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  1. Methven was the birthplace of many fine talented curlers. Then I came along. Known as the "playground of Perthshire" it is a vibrant throbbing metropolis conveniently located on the outskirts of Perth, where the rich and idle of that city can gain easy access to it's many and varied delights.

    Check out the Indian on Main Street, next to the garage on the left, it's called Chianti or something similar, doubtless Mr Henderson would spot and latch onto the sign from some considerable distance. They might even do home deliveries if you speak to them nicely.

    Anyway stick in guys and all the best.