Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Scottish Qualifiers and Dave's waxing.

We qualified for the Co-operative Funeralcare Scottish Men’s Finals that will be held in Dewars Centre, Perth 11-17 February 2013.

It was a reasonably stress free qualification and the results were as follows.

Win 8-2 Manuel
Win 12-7 McCleary
Win 8-3 Gillies
Win 7-4 Cannell
Lose 5-8 Muirhead
Win 7-5 Hamilton

We didn’t have to play the last two games against Graeme Black and Graeme Prentice as we had already qualified. Quite a turn around from previous years where we were still scrambling around for wins late on Sunday evening.

We had a lot of time between games so were thankful to be staying at the Wyllie’s cottage in the Crook of Devon where we could kill some time and keep ourselves amused. We found Kerplunk.

Colin focusing.

We also had grand plans of getting Dave’s 5 year old X-box working so we could get some in-team competition going. We failed miserably to get it to work despite Colin and John’s best efforts.

The draw for the Men’s Finals is now out and can be found here. We open our campaign against Team Neil Joss which contains celebrity comedian lookalike and brother in law to David Edwards, Struan Wood. So it will be a grudge match.

In other news…..

If your name is Louise Edwards (or Colin Campbell) you will know that David Edwards takes a lot of pride in his body and takes “manscaping” his nether regions very seriously. Over the last couple of seasons, it has become a bit of a tradition for Dave to book himself in for a Back, Sack and Crack wax before any tournament we compete in. This is a bit of a treat for Colin as it avoids any unnecessary chaffing when the two room-mates are wrestling/cuddling up to one another on the long, cold winter nights. Unfortunately, Dave has been a bit busy at work and forgot to book himself in for an appointment at his usual salon with his absolute fave beautician, Miguel. The only slot Miguel had open this week was 12.30pm on Friday. Any Team Edwards superfans will know that this clashes with our opening game of the Petrofac Aberdeen City Open. Scott and John asked Dave if it was possible to reschedule the appointment until Monday so that we could play with our full squad for the entirety of the final Scottish Curling Tour event. This was quickly stopped when Colin stepped in and threatened that he would not be playing for the rest of the season if Dave was to miss the waxing. This has left us in the position of looking for a player for the first game of the tournament.

Dave loves a good waxing              


Are you a curler?
Are you in Aberdeen on Friday?
Are you available at 12.30pm?
Can you sweep?
Are a capable of guiding John and Scott from making any blundering tactical errors?
Will you eat a tablespoon of Cinnamon as an initiation?

If you answered yes to all/any of these questions and you would like the opportunity to play with Team Penny/Macleod/Campbell on Friday afternoon, give us a shout and we will see what we can do!

All the previous conditions will be void if you are a very good looking female.


Team Edwards

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