Monday, 17 October 2011

European Mixed and Champery

Well we never really did a final European Mixed blog. There were other priorities.

In a quick rundown of what actually happened in the competition - Switzerland beat Germany in the final and got a well deserved gold medal. In the bronze game, the Czech Republic beat Denmark in a close game.

Anyway, here is the official photo of us looking smart in the very well tailored blue blazers.

The Closing Banquet was extremely good. Especially when the food came. I don’t want to be too dramatic, but I was very close to death through famine. Bob Geldof was even on the phone asking if I wanted him to organise another Band Aid. I turned down the offer. 

One of the highlights of the banquet was a Spanish man dancing. Might sound unusual, but it was very funny and I am sure anyone who attended will agree. It did get quite freaky when he was half naked and a Czech guy was whipping him with a belt.... but it was all good!

The old husband and wife couple made the choice to go back to the hotel on the last set of buses. This was at 1am and we had to leave for our flight at 5am. Myself and Kerry were not so wise and stayed until the death. I was back in the hotel for 3am thanks to Eric – had a solid 90mins sleep – packed everything in the room – then left. If you guessed the following 7 hours in airports/aeroplanes followed by 2 hours of driving was not going to be a pleasant experience, you would be correct. When I arrived home, I realised that I had made a really really really good job of packing and had acquired a Phillips TV control from the hotel. Thankfully, the room was on David’s credit card.

That was the European Mixed. It was fun.

Next weekend we are away to Champery, Switzerland. This time we have Colin and John  back. We are in a group of 5 teams, the top team qualifies for the QF with the second place team having to go through playoffs if they want to make the money. Our group includes Edin(SWE), Pescia(SUI), Sik(CZE), Kirikov(RUS). Tough group, but we will see what we can do.

This is the website.

Wish us luck.

Good day,
Team Edwards

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