Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Season Update, Perth Masters


We have completely abandoned the blog recently. I will restart it now in time for the business end of the season.

I will begin with an update with what has happened throughout the hiatus.


Champery is a cool place. It is a very small skiing town high up in Switzerland near the French border. It was about an hour and a half drive around Lake Geneva from the airport, most of it on a very steep small winding road.

The competition took place in the arena where the 2010 European Championships were held. It had big swing.

Our section contained Pescia, Kirikov, Sik and Edin. We beat Pescia, lost a bad one to Kirikov, won relatively pain free against Sik then had a tight one against Edin, which we lost. This left us on 2-2, that tied us for 2nd place with Pescia. We had a better draw shot than him so we were through to the tiebreakers.  In our first game we played Ulsrud, which we won by taking a 4 in the 6th end.  It ended 7-2 if my memory serves me correctly. Next up was De Cruz for a place in the Quarters. We got absolutely raped. Lost a 3 in the first then gave up a steal of 4 in the second. Game Over, Competition Over. De Cruz ended up winning competition beating Brewster in the final.


Next up were the Euro Playoffs in Perth.

The format was a four team double round robin to decide the two qualifiers in a best of three final.

This was how the first four games went

Brewster – Lose
Murdoch – Lose
Reid – Lose
Brewster- Lose

You would be forgiven for thinking that at this point, we were fucked.  We managed to win our last two RR games against Reid and Murdoch. This led to the table looking like this.

Brewster 6-0
Murdoch 2-4
Edwards 2-4
Reid 2-4

Very lucky. We were ranked 2nd out of the teams tied on 2-4. We played Reid in our first and won. This meant we played Murdoch for a place in the final. It was a tight game and we had a few opportunities at the start. We had a bad end in the 6th/7th? and we were required to make a freeze to not give up 3. We came up short, lost the 3 and the game.

Murdoch played Brewster in the best of three final. Murdoch won. Stinger.

Dave got to go with Murdoch to Russia as 5th man. The ice was really good for the weekend in Perth. Hopefully more of the same over the coming months!


At the end of November we played the International at Murrayfield Ice Rink. We were given a bit of a tough group. It included David Murdoch, David Hay, Jiri Snitil, Jan Hauser and Graeme Shedden. We played well and managed to win them all to come through top. This meant we played Logan Gray in the Quarter Final on the Sunday morning. They played well and we lost a very bad 3 early, this put us on the back foot for the rest of the game. We clawed it back a bit and made Logan draw the 8ft for the win. I cant remember all of the results following that but Tom Brewster beat Sandy Reid in the final.

We had a month free of competitions in December. Dave was away in Russia for most of it, but we all met up in Curl Aberdeen for a day of team practices. We are really good at curling now.  

The first half of the season was good. We had a bit of a jet set life travelling across Europe to Norway, Denmark and Switzerland. But now we get to curl in Perth all the time. Very exotic.

Next up is the Mercure Perth Masters.  We play our first game on Thursday 5th January against Alexey Tselousov from Russia. If you are feeling a bit flush with cash you can come and buy us in the Calcutta on the Thursday Evening.

Here is the link to the draw.

Following this we have two weekends of Qualifiers for the Scottish Championships. If all goes well there we then have Scottish Finals in the middle of February for the right to represent Scotland at the World Championships in April.

Wish us luck.

Team Edwards


  1. wishing you luck from the Singapore fan club!!!

  2. The Peru fan club also wishing you guys all the best, Dave has a good track record in this one!