Tuesday, 4 October 2011

EMCC 2011 Copenhagen - Tuesday

Well I woke up this morning to be told by Scott that I had been shouting “for god’s sake stop the screaming” during my sleep last night.  Maybe I was thinking about the noise Scott was going to make if I started to eat him given how hungry I was after missing tea last night.  I’ve never been so excited to have two bits of toast and a spoonful of beans on my plate this morning.  I do have a picture, but I may have to add this at a later date as the camera is on tour this evening.

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid was this mornings light entertainment movie before the game at 12pm.  If you love a bit of thoughtless humour I can definitely recommend it although I’m not sure it would be up there in Barry Norman’s all time greats, but it was a worth a watch if you’ve nothing better to do.

The game didn’t really go to plan today although all credit to the Dutch team who played really well throughout the match.  We were all square coming home and had a half stone peel to win the match.  Unfortunately I was a little tight and the target stone jammed on a back stone having removed another of our counters.  It wasn’t a great performance today so we’ll just need to make sure we bounce back tomorrow. 

If the RCCC are reading this, we may have to put in a request for some bigger shirts for “the destroyer” Macleod.  Apparently he can feel his shirts getting tighter after each sweeping effort.

The girls went into town with the parents after the game, and the lads went to the Italian for a Chimichanga before hitting the gym.  These Chimichanga things really are magnificent!

Today's lunch yummy!!!

I have to be honest the gym was a little scary this evening as we seemed to be training with some Mr Universe wannabes.  We obviously didn’t feel out of place being such muscular specimens ourselves, but these guys really were Ronnie Coleman look alikes!

Ronnie : Models himself on Scott and Dave

Scott has just announced this evening that he’s been eyeing up the men (honestly he did say that!) so I may go to sleep with one eye open this evening.

Sweden up tomorrow at 12pm Danish time (11am UK time).

Vi ses!

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