Monday, 3 October 2011

EMCC 2011 Copenhagen - Sunday

Sunday was our day off so we decided to pop into Copenhagen for a little bit sight seeing. 

The chosen mode of transport for the day was the Copenhagen Metro, as there’s a station just around the corner from the hotel and the M2 line fires straight into the city centre.  Scott showed that he is definitely not a descendant of Captain James Cook as he made his way towards the airport train that would have been heading the wrong way.  So we board the correct train and as we embarked on our epic journey into the city centre it became clear that Kerry didn’t want to be out shone by Scott in the comedy stakes today.  “Why do all the stations have the same name she announced?” It was at that point she realised that “Udgang” actually means exit!

Dave looking drunk and Louise looking a little excited!

Believe it or not we actually did make into the city centre, and after Kerry had used her fantastic sense of smell to work out the direction of the sea, we set off.  Less than 1km later we approached the canals and decided that the best way to see Copenhagen was from onboard one of the canal boat water tours.  Now I won’t bore you with all the details of the tour, but there are a few things we found out today that we never knew about the city.  The slightly excitable guide announced as we were passing the Hillerod battleship that it was famous for the “oops missile”.   What’s the oops missile you may ask?  Well apparently the only missile it ever fired was by accident into a bunch of friendly summer houses that didn’t entirely enjoy the encounter as I’m sure you can imagine.  A little later on the guide told us that the water in Copenhagen wasn’t safe to drink back in the day so the sailors were entitled to a barrel of beer a day to cover their hydration needs.  You might now be drawing your own conclusions as to why the missile hit the summer houses!

The Hillerod battleship (Thankfully it chose not to fire at us!)

We had a nice lunch in town before heading back to Kastrup where the tournament is being held.  Those of you who know Kerry might want to ask her about her experience with a 2 kroner coin and an old lady before the trip back.  I would give you a little more detail, but she’s the only one that do this story any justice.

The kids give Copenhagen the thumbs up!

A little bit of exercise for some of the team was followed up with dinner alongside my parents who arrived today.  I really do wonder if they’re safe to be let out sometimes as they explained their escapades at the airport over a nice Chinese meal.  Meanwhile Scott was making strides to eat his own body weight in food as he consumed four plates of food from the buffet plus and ice cream chaser………nice work chunk!

As we’re clean living individuals it was protein shake and bed for us last night (as it has been every other night ;-)), but before we hit the sack it was time for a couple of hands of cards.  Louise made a good effort to end our marriage after a period of just 2 months with her ruthless UNO play.  I did think my 1st round score of 132 was a record that would be hard to beat only for Kerry to come romping home in round 2 with a score of 178.  Those of you who have played UNO will know this isn’t good so I won’t elaborate any further.

We play Wales at 4pm Danish time tomorrow so we’re looking forward to getting back on the ice after a long break.

Vi ses!


  1. Great stuff, team. Curl well.


  2. Second attempt at a comment here!

    Great stuff team, keep up the good work.

    Loving the name "The Destroyer"

    Good luck