Wednesday, 5 October 2011

EMCC 2011 Copenhagen - Wednesday

Well to coin a now famous Iain Dowie phrase, we got up this morning looking for bouncebackability against Sweden.  Thankfully we came out of the traps like a greyhound chasing a rabbit, and score 2's in the 1st and 3rd ends to secure a 4-1 lead at the break.  We decided to spend the next 4 ends hitting some red handled granite very hard and secured a 6-2 win in the end.

Kerry spent yesterday in the city centre with her mum and it appears they spent most of the day tracking down Scotland fans in Copenhagen.  During their visit they went to the see the Little Mermaid and Queen Margrethe II.  I don’t think they were invited in for afternoon tea and cake with the queen, but apparently the place was swarming with Scotland fans.  Great you might think, but then comes the sudden realization that the Scotland fans are infact the Danish Royal guards.

"The Scotland Fans"

At least Kerry and Jane managed to successfully navigate Copenhagen on the Metro, which is more than can be said for my parents who really should be fitted with a tracking beacon.  Scott’s parents arrived yesterday and he was happy to hear his mum and dad had made it out here safe and sound.  He was a little less happy when his mum announced that their accommodation was right next to a swingers club.

We found this lot at the ice rink. and we think they're supporting us?!?

The lads decided to make up for the food they missed on Monday evening by eating enough for a family of 10 between them at lunch today.

Scott and his Copenhagen version of a bargin bucket

Apparently Scott had seen smaller babies than Dave's calzone!

We’ve spent a few hours here and there with the various members of team Ireland and they’re really good craic, although James does seem to spend a heck of a time in the bath.  We're just heading off to support them in this evenings game as they had a tough one this morning and we wish them the best of luck tonight.  I’m going to share a little story they told us last night about one of their teammates. Picture the scene you’ve one of these nice new shiny bathrooms with one of these new fangled taps that operates both your shower and sink.  You’ve just had a shower, got dressed and need to clean your teeth before you head off for today’s adventures at Tarnby ice rink.  Then there’s this horrible realization that you’ve turned on the tap while cleaning your teeth only to find that the water isn’t coming out of the tap and you suddenly think you’re standing outside in the rain.  I won’t name the individual, but I have been advised that they’ve soaked themselves more than once!

It’s been a long old week out here with only one game a day so far, but for the next two days we have two games, which we're all looking forward to.  Russia and Spain are on the agenda for tomorrow so fingers crossed we can push on from the positive result today.

Vi ses!

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