Monday, 3 October 2011

EMCC 2011 Copenhagen - Monday

After breakfast the team decided to hit the gym as we had the morning and most of the afternoon off before our 4pm game with Wales.  In scenes akin to Rocky IV the Scots battled it out with the Russian squad in the hotel fitness room on a belly full of Danish bacon.

Dave put in a sparkling performance

Scott was showing good form if a little sweaty

The Russians knew they were second best when Kerry started on the bench press.

Kerry’s mum Jane arrived this afternoon to add to our growing fan base out here.  You may think we only have three supporters out here so far, but we did some early groundwork to try and ensure that Scotland are also a favourite with the local residents.

A massive Italian pasta/pizza/burrito/chimichanga lunch came and went and before we knew it, it was game time.  So it was Wales up today and they put up a very tough fight.  The difference was that we made our twos with the hammer when they scored singles.  Best of luck to Wales for the rest of the tournament as we had great fun with the guys after the game.  Adrian has nicknamed Scott Macleod (not Andrews Mr LIB) “The Destroyer” although I’m sure that was more to do with his eating skills after the game rather than the delicate hit weight he displayed during it.

I’m writing this having had nothing to eat since the game as everything seems to shut at 10pm in Kastrup and that includes all take away shops.  I'm so hungry I could eat Scott had he a little more meat on him.  I’m blaming Kerry (again), as she seems to think that her surname means she has to stay at the “Barr” most of the night.

Kerry was very happy after these beers.......

Hope you’re all enjoying the blog and next up is the Netherlands at 12pm Danish time tomorrow.  Rhiann that’s 11am UK time just in case you’re a little unsure.

Vi ses!

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