Thursday, 6 October 2011

EMCC 2011 Copenhagen - Thursday

This morning we had an early start for the first time this week and the girls had us up at the crack of dawn.  Well they tried, but being stereotypical males we left it to the very last minute before we dragged ourselves out of our pit and down to breakfast.  Needless to say Louise was tapping the table in reception like she had to be somewhere while we finished off our breakfast with plenty of man time in hand.

The caveman in Dave and Scott came out this morning when it was time to get up

Now I don’t really like talking too much about the games, but we saw something in this morning’s game against Russia that I’ve never witnessed before.  Having played a yellow stone they tried to take it back down the ice and play it in place of another stone that apparently had a crack on the running band?!?  Kerry was straight on the case and with a face like thunder escorted the stone back up the ice much to their surprise.  I stayed out of it for probably the first time in my life and let the umpire rule that they had to play all eight stones during an end.  In the end the guys made look good by leaving me a run back double in the 8th end to open everything up and when the Russian stuffed his draw through the back we just had to hit the paint for the win. 

Scott should have been an artist with skills like this describing the triple in the 8th.

It’s now time for me to highlight Kerry’s quality moment of the day, which relates to the big cheques on display in Tarnby ice rink.  Having spotted one of these cheques Kerry comes out with a classic, “Having a cheque for that much money would you just not cash it?”.

The owners of this cheque have obviously been careless leaving it lying around!

Lunch today was quite funny as Scott’s order, a number 90 for Louise was mistaken for a number 19.  Now I’d just like to highlight that a number 90 is a children’s portion of tomato spaghetti!  Instead she ended up with a tuna and prawn pizza, which wasn’t ideal given she’s not a fan of either.  Face tripping her she managed to force down two slices with the topping scraped off before conceding defeat and leaving it for the boys supper this evening.

We won this evenings game against Spain although they made us work really hard for it.  The first couple of ends weren’t going to plan as they came out with all guns blazing, but we stuck in there and eventually the tide turned.  There was a little controversy in the 7th end when the Spanish burnt a rock, but we decided to replace everything as it seemed the fairest thing to do.  The steal of two in this end proved the decider in the game.

We’ve had a little less time today and tomorrow so apologies if the blog updates dry up a little or become much shorter.

It’s the old man’s 60th birthday tomorrow so we’re heading out for a meal at the Italian round the corner with the Scotland fans we found at the ice rink.

We finish off the round robin against Norway and Romania at 8.30am and 4pm tomorrow.

Vi ses!

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