Monday, 4 November 2013

Curling with weird rules

It started out on Thursday evening with Scott travelling out to Westhill to stay at Dave's. This was so that we could get away early and avoid the ridiculous Aberdeen rush hour traffic as our first game was at 12.20pm.

The plan for the journey was very well organised. Scott and Dave were to travel to Old Meldrum where we would ditch Dave's car and get a lift to Inverness with John. With google maps estimating a 3 hour journey time from Aberdeen to Inverness we planned to leave at around 8.30am which would hopefully end up with us getting in around 11.30am. That would give us sufficient time to go through our rigorous warm up routine and get some lunch. That plan was thrown out the window almost instantly as Scott was woken up by Dave with a thump on the door just before 9am.

"SCOTT!!! We have slept in! Get up!"

We gave John a call to let him know the situation. Being the very thoughtful third that he is, he made his Mum cook us 4 bacon rolls which were ready to go when Dave and Scott arrived. 

Cheers Elaine!

After John razzed it up the rest of the way, we were there in plenty time and even had a chance to pose for a photo in front of the Team Edwards Supporters Club Bus.

John and Dave in front of the fan bus. 

Skins is a weird game. If you don't know what it is, I am not going to explain it, but the game is scored in money won. This is how the Friday went for us. 

Richard McKenzie £54-£0
Stuart Taylor £54-£0

One incident from our first game was when Scott horribly misread a call from our skip. Dave placed his brush at the edge of an opponents stone with the plan to make a hack weight take out. By the time Scott was at the tee-line Colin was already screaming "WAAAAAAAAAY UP!!!" and then clocked a 1.78s peel.

Despite that, overall it was pretty good. After this we had a few drinks at the ice rink and then headed out to Johnny Foxes which is the place to be on a Friday evening in Inverness. As we had an 8am game, we kept it light and decided to call it a night at 1.30am when Scott started swaying a bit too much.

This is what the Saturday had in store for us. 

Mike McInnes £54-£0
Keith Prentice £41-£13
Hannah Fleming £54-£0

So we really could not complain about the results from our round robin! Winning £257 from a potential £270 was pretty nice.

In the last round robin game Dave used psychological warfare against Hannah Fleming quite effectively. 'Psychological warfare' could be switched with 'trying to be as annoying as he possibly can'. Alice Spence is colour blind and couldn't keep her hands off Team Edwards' stones.  

After the game we stayed at the ice rink for the raffle, curry and beer. We decided to not make an appearance at Johnny Foxes on Saturday night and instead headed into town for some more calories. Colin ordered a kebab that contained a portion of chips and about three quarters of a cow. 

In the QF we were up against Ross McCleary. In this game we did not really have very many shots to win any skins. Thanks to the scoring system in place we were still in contention to win the game late on even though we had done absolutely nothing to deserve it! We lost the game at that point and played the last end out to keep our pride as we did not want to get skinned. The last end was a carryover and we managed to win our last £30 of the weekend on the team draw shot challenge. 

We are back curling very soon, but I will probably do another blog for that bit. 

Team Edwards

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