Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Edinburgh International Curling Championships

EDIT: I completely forgot to add this on the last blog. During our first game on Saturday morning at the Inverness Skins, following two games where we had won £54-£0, we still had to explain the rules of skins to John throughout the game. It fills us with confidence to have such a tactical powerhouse on our roster. Space cadet.

This weekend we are heading down to Murrayfield Ice Rink for the Edinburgh International. This will be our first Curling Champions Tour event of the season which can be abbreviated to CCTV event if you are Grant Hardie giving a panic stricken interview. Here is our draw. We are listed as Edwards. 

This will be Scott's first time at this event for a couple of years as he has previously been busy directing traffic dressed in a squirrel costume, if you believe Dave's bullshit.

This weekend John has organised some accommodation for the team at the Barr household. The bank accounts are very grateful for this as hotels are turning out to be quite expensive! I just hope Caitlin doesn't dump him in the next couple of days.

As there is some good money in this event, we may have to taper down our socialising a tad as our early morning performances have not been anything to write home about. Here is the link for the Edinburgh International Curling Championships website where the results will be. There is a webcast streaming from this event but unfortunately we have not made the cut.

Team Edwards

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