Saturday, 16 November 2013

Team début for pocket dynamo

Team Hedge and Lawn Garden Services will head off to Lockerbie for the next round of the Scottish Curling Tour, minus third man and team lightweight, John Penny. John is currently preparing for a trip to Jamaica in a last ditch attempt to keep his Winter Olympic dream alive after he was cruelly left out of the GB curling team by the selectors. John will dawn a skin suit in a bid to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, Sanka Coffie, and make the four man Jamaican bobsleigh team.......make sure you have those socks packed John.

John stuffed out to the max

John's replacement was discussed at great length. We decided that we wanted a like for like replacement in size so that there would not be a significant change in sweeping power. This involved finding someone the same height, weight and strength as John. Obviously, with those stipulations, there was only one place that we could go and look. Yes, that is right. The under 17 junior curling circuit. Stepping into the breach for the weekend will be Scott Robertson's 5ft nothing, 45 kilo teenage protege, Ross Whyte. Following some tough negotiations over performance related pay, Ross agreed to take the step down from his U17 team for the weekend and will provide the boys with some much needed boost in strength.

Ross in action.....
The lads will need to be on their guard over the weekend as Ross has a reputation for partying hard and womanising, which will put the guys clean living to the ultimate test.

Only the hard stuff will do for Ross
We'll be staying at the Edwards household again over the weekend which means we'll be heading home about 2 stone heavier than we arrived, but we'll have had a good feed.

For Team Edwards super fans, who just can not get enough of Team Edwards, the semi final and final from the Edinburgh International are available on archive.

Team Edwards v Team Hardie
Team Edwards v Team McCleary

Team Edwards

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