Monday, 11 November 2013

Edinburgh International Champions!

Last weekend we were competing in the Edinburgh International. Dave was a previous winner of the event way back in 2005 and was keen to replicate this success.

2005 Edinburgh International Winners with Dave as a scrawny, specky 26 year old.
©Hugh Stewart
John and Scott left Curl Aberdeen on Thursday evening bound for Edinburgh where they would be staying with John's in-laws for the weekend. Due to Colin's contacts at the ice rink, we managed to arrange a team practice at Murrayfield on the Thursday evening. Unfortunately, Dave was unable to attend as Louise was busy measuring him up so she could get an appropriately sized display case that she could keep his testicles in.

Extra Small
After the practice, John and Scott made their way out to Currie where Bob and Jane Barr's farm is situated. Some of you may already be aware that Bob and Jane were just about to head out to Jamaica for their 30th anniversary. When JP and the Destroyer arrived, Jane was still in the midst of packing and needed some assistance. John and Scott volunteered/got roped in to helping and were delegated the tasks of packing up Jane's many bikinis and collecting an assortment of Bob's skimpy speedos. JP tried on both sets to make sure that they would be a suitable fit. They were not a suitable fit.

Dave begged to be allowed outside for the weekend and was finally granted permission so he made his way down to Edinburgh on Friday morning for our first game.

This is how the games on the first day went.

Win 7-2 vs Gulbis
Loss 5-6 vs Sik

Dave was also staying at the Barr household for the weekend and was sharing a bed with Scott in Kerry's old room. On the first evening in the room together, all of the horrible memories Scott had from the European Mixed in Copenhagen came rushing back when he was startled by a sound coming from the other side of the bed. The sound resembled that of an enraged rhino. Thankfully, is was not an enraged rhino, it was only Dave who was snoring ridiculously loudly.

The next day had 3 games in store for us. This is how it went.

Win 6-2 vs Kyle Smith
Win 5-4 vs Hoiberg
Win 12-1 vs Ross McCleary

This qualified us top of our section and we ran into Fraser Hare in the quarter final. It was a tight game and we had an open nose hit for the game in the last end. We made the shot and were then up against Grant Hardie in the semi. We had the hammer and started scoring early which takes a lot of stress out of curling. We kept it clear pretty well and ended up winning 6-1.

In the final we were once again playing Ross McCleary who was competing in his third straight final. Ross had taken out the money teams in the quarter and semis so was obviously on a good run of form. We had the hammer and started scoring early, the key to the match really was the second end where we managed to steal a 3. Much like in the semi, it makes the score line look very one sided, but we are well aware that on a different day the games will be a lot closer. It ended 7-2 after 7 ends and Team Edwards had won their first Curling Champions Tour event......... and the first prize of £5000 which made Scott and John weak at the knees.

2013 Edinburgh International Winners with Dave as a chubby 34 year old.
©Graham Young
The full £5000 was paid out in £50 notes. This resulted in a stressful 24 hours for all members of the team as they now had twenty five £50 notes in their wallets praying to everything and anyone that they didn't get mugged.

On the way home, John stopped into Burger King as a reward for his hard work and to make his first purchase with one of his pristine £50 notes. Scott received this text from John.

John:       First thing to spend a £50 on..... A BK.... They don't like £50's.......
Scott:      Haha. Great. Did you have to stick it on your card?
John:       Aye! :(

Thwarted at his first attempt.

Also a couple of links from the weekend.

Superstar Colin Campbell
EICC - Dominant performance in the final

Thanks to Bob and Jane for putting us up for the weekend, it is very much appreciated.

Team Edwards

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