Monday, 28 October 2013

Inverness Skins

After a couple of weeks wallowing in our pain due to our semi-final defeat to girls at the Forfar Open, we are now trying to slowly build our confidence back to an acceptable level for the Inverness Skins this weekend. 

This is going to be a new experience as we have never played in this event, but from what we have learned the event is very professional and high quality curling is the main focus for all the competitors....... 

Here are the groups.

Friday 12.20pm v Richard Mackenzie
Friday 4.30pm v Stuart Taylor
Saturday 8.00am v Mike MacInnes
Saturday 11.40am v Keith Prentice
Saturday 3.50pm v Hannah Flemming

Dubious about how beneficial the timings of these games are. I can already envisage some big issues being involved with finishing at 6pm on the Friday and then curling at 8am on Saturday.

On Sunday evening Scott and Dave once again continued their season long game. With Scott's nutrition from the previous 24 hours consisting mainly of Tennent's and chicken pakora, the odds were against him in this one.

Dave trying to bail out
In a suprising turn of events, Scott actually managed to win.

Scott 2 0 0 3 - 5
Dave 0 3 1 0 - 4

This has made the score so far 20-8 in Scott's favour.

Highlights from this game included Scott going for an aggressive through the port come around to try and steal 3 in the second end. Unfortunately, due to him being 10ft heavy and equally wide he managed to clear a guard and tap Dave in giving him a double for 3. It was much the same story in the next end where Scott was left a relatively simple tap back for 1. Unfortunately he was drawn into throwing a 20ft angle run back at hack weight for 3. The angle run back was not made.

With all of the enthusiasm for the 2014 Men of Curling Calendar, we are currently assessing the demand for a Team Edwards curling calender. If seeing John's hairy nipples and Scott's milk-bottle white skeleton of a body intrigues you, let us know and we will see what we can do.

Team Edwards

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