Monday, 25 November 2013

Lockerbie Superspiel 2013

Last weekend we were competing in the Lockerbie Superspiel without usual 3rd, John Penny. For this weekend only, Scott and Colin got promotions to play the dizzy heights of 3rd and 2nd respectively. In at lead we recruited a child by the name of Ross Whyte. Dave was not confident that Scott had the suitable experience, skill or focus to take control of the head when Dave was playing, so this was Ross' responsibility for the weekend which the wee man managed very well.

Scott and Dave left Aberdeen at around 12.30pm for our first game at 4pm against Ross McCleary in Lockerbie. This was really tight. The sat nav in Dave's car estimated an arrival time throughout the journey. When we left Aberdeen, the estimation was 3.56pm. By the time we had hit Stirling, Dave had managed to shave off 11 minutes and we had a solid 15 minutes in the bank to get warmed up and changed. This was when a concerning message flashed up on the sat nav letting us know that there was 16 minutes of congestion ahead of us and our new time of arrival was 4.01pm. Not ideal.

With a slight feeling of panic, we were grateful that the M74 was reasonably clear to make a bit of time back. Scott was extremely thankful that this portion of the journey was short as Dave had stuck his tunes on in the car which included an 80's mega mix of Deacon Blue, The Bangles and Boyzone.

Dave was making big claims that is was not in fact Boyzone, but some guy called Billy Ocean. But I have never heard of him.

You will be glad to hear that we made it down in time. This is how the games went.

Win 3-2 vs Ross McCleary - Pretty tight but were 2-0 up on bullet straight ice.
Loss 11-4 vs Fraser Hare - Got thumped but kept playing for ends.

That concluded the games on Friday. We had a couple of beers during the evening (not including Ross if his parents/police are reading) then headed back to Chez Edwards where we watched some boxing.

Ross was only on the mini Cokes

On the Saturday, this is how the curling went.

Win 6-4 vs Graeme Black - Graeme's nifty footwork gave us a good steal of 2.
Win 6-5 vs Hannah Fleming - This game was no where near as close as the line score makes it
Win 15-4 vs England - The skip went absolutely mental

On the Friday evening we stayed at the ice rink for the pub quiz. This was probably the part of the weekend that we missed John the least, as in the past, his contributions towards anything like this have been less than useful. We had a decent showing with us coming in around 3rd and a very, very, very long way from last, which Hannah Fleming's team of Alice Spence and Jennifer Dodds held a really firm grip off right from the word go.

After the quiz and several beers, Meg Edwards had prepared some chicken curry for us which we were very much looking forward to. We were in fact so looking forward to it, that we could not wait the extra 4 minutes it would take to do two runs from the ice rink to the Edwards household. With us being one seat short in the people carrier, somebody had to take the hit of going in the boot. On this occasion the tallest man in the team took the hit.

In retrospect, we had a child on our team so we probably should have stuffed him in the boot. Oh well.

The group stages left us ranked 2nd overall and we would face the 7th place finishers, Graeme Shedden in the quarter final. It was a good game and we managed to take our standard 4 against Shedden and ran it out 7-1.

In the semi final we were up against the infamous Graeme Black. In a surprising turn of events, Graeme Black actually did not turn up for the game. As reports from Saturday night started to come through, this actually got less and less surprising. Hope you had a good day in bed, Graeme! Scott Hamilton took the reigns and put up a good fight. We stole a 2 in the 5th end and sealed the deal with a 5 in the 7th.

In the final we were up against Grant Hardie. We lost a couple of points early and with finding any kind of draw on the Lockerbie ice extremely difficult, we pretty much stood no chance of making a come back. Grant and his team played very well and finished out the game 6-4 winners. Congratulations to Grant, Jay, Hammy and Billy.

Last year when we were staying at the Edwards household, a couple of pictures from Dave's past made it online which can be found in last years blog here. I won't name any names, but a female family member of Dave's that lives in Lockerbie provided us with some new material for the blog. Here is David Edwards throwing out his sexiest pose before representing Dumfries in some kind of race in 1990.

Dave working it.
I would like to thank the female family member of Dave's that lives in Lockerbie for putting up with us for the weekend and for feeding us very well! Next week Team Kerry Barr will be making a stop at the Edwards household as the first leg of the Scottish Women's Championship is being held in Dumfries. Good luck to them.

There is a bit of a break for Team Edwards now until the Kinross Open which is in the middle of December. Between now and then Scott, Dave, Louise Edwards and Rhiann Macleod are participating in the Aberdeen Club Bonspiel representing Petroleum CC...... with Scott skipping. This is going to be great. Rhiann is playing lead because I say so.

Team Edwards

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