Friday, 7 February 2014

Scottish Men's Championships Preview

Following our disappointing run against women's teams, we are thankful to be heading down to the Dewar's Centre in Perth to compete in the Scottish Men's Championships, where we will not have to play any women at all!

The event once again has the morbid Co-operative Funeralcare as the title sponsor. Dying to get started.

Due to the World Championships being held in Beijing, it has been requested by the RCCC that all of the competitors turn up with their passports so visa applications can get sorted and the eventual winners get to smog central on time.

A view of the arena in Beijing? Maybe?
We are very pleased that the schedule makers of the Scottish Championships saw the light and decided to not mix the draw times of the games this year. Finishing a game at 11pm, getting home at midnight and then getting up at 6am the next day for an early game was brutal.

So this is when and who we line up against at the Scottish Championships.

Warwick Smith - Monday 10th February 12pm
Logan Gray - Monday 10th February 8 pm

Lee McCleary - Tuesday 11th February 12pm
Ally Fraser - Tuesday 11th February 8pm

Moray Combe - Wednesday 12th February 12pm
Ewan McDonald - Wednesday 12th February 8pm

Grant Hardie - Thursday 13th February 12pm
John Hamilton - Thursday 13th February 8pm

Kyle Smith Friday - 14th February 12pm

I don't actually know if 12 noon is AM or PM, but it says 12pm on the RCCC website, so that is good enough for us!

We have not played any of the teams in our opening 5 games of the Scottish, so hopefully they are all going to be rubbish.

We will be making our way down to Perth for the Sunday evening practise where we have 10 minutes on each sheet to figure out what the stones are doing. I am sure Dave will have some procedure set out to make it all go smoothly.

This year we are staying in Forgandenny which is 6.8 miles from the rink and will take 15 minutes to drive.

Making it easy for the groupies. 
We are staying at the self catering Horselea Holiday Cottages for the week, so there may be a repeat of last year where each member of the team is let loose in the kitchen.

How much of a mess can Scott make of this place?
"Horselea has two luxury 4 Star self catering cottages on a working farm.... an idyllic country retreat where guests can enjoy the delights of the beautiful surrounding farmland, stunning views of the Ochil and Sidlaw hills, and the Strathearn Valley."

Looking pretty good!
The cottage that we have booked for this year has four bedrooms and sleeps six, because we all know what Colin 'Shagger' Campbell is like!

Where Collie is in his element. 
Our appearance money from Russia has lasted well and we have not had to dish out any cash out to Dave 'the money hammer' Edwards for accommodation/entries over the last month. But unfortunately, that kitty is now dead.

We will try and get some blogging on the go during the championships, but it takes surprisingly longer than you would think to write. It also heavily depends on how much wifi is kicking about, we will try our best though!

Wish us luck!
Team Edwards

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