Monday, 24 February 2014

Another Scottish Over

So our blogging activities at the Co-operative Funeralcare Scottish Championships died a quick death, so sorry about that, I hope you all managed to survive without it!

Towards the end of the week, our curling shirts were not smelling very fresh. Having 3 identical shirts started to become an issue as the 'smell test' was the only way to accurately determine how many games it had been worn for, this was not a pleasant part of the day. Colin hooked us up with some washing powder so that people could stand within 10 feet of us again!

We are obviously not going to do a review of all the games, because I can not really remember what happened.

Our round robin wins were against;

Logan Gray
John Hamilton
Warwick Smith
Kyle Smith
Grant Hardie
Moray Combe
Ally Fraser

And the teams that managed to sneak a win against us were;

Ewan MacDonald
Lee McCleary.

So that left the table looking like this with us securing a place in the 1v2 game, which is much nicer than the 3v4 game.

But before all of that boring curling, here are a few things that happened at Horselea Lodge.

We were informed by the owner that the water to the Lodge would be shut off for a couple of hours due to maintenance work that had been scheduled. We were supposed to run the taps for a while before using it to make sure everything had gone OK. With Dave being up at the crack of dawn, he was first to try and have a shower. Remembering the instructions from the owner, he ran the taps for a couple minutes to be on the safe side. As there were no issues, he jumped in but quickly discovered there was a problem that he had not anticipated.

The rest of the guys in the house were awoken by a shrill scream coming from the shower as there had been an extremely powerful burst of scolding hot water that had pinned a naked and vulnerable David Edwards to the wall of the shower, unable to escape.

He eventually managed to peel himself off the wall and made it cagily to the power switch to stop the agony.

Despite all of this drama, Dave did well to gather himself and cook for us the entire week. Here is John sampling some of his finest work.

John enjoying Dave's homemade Chicken and Bacon Pie
We also discovered/were reminded how much of a messy bugger Scott is.

In the 1v2 against Ewan MacDonald, we lost a couple of 3's in the first half of the game which ended that campaign pretty early.

So once again, we were against Logan Gray in a semi final. We had not been successful in very many semi finals in the past, so we were keen to get through this one to make our first final as a team. It was a tight game, and to be honest, we were looking pretty screwed in the 10th end against Logan. It seemed like we were going to have to play a very tricky 15ft angle run back with Dave's last to keep our hopes alive. But fortunately Team Gray's last stone just rubbed a guard that opened up shot stone and gave us a hack weight tap for the victory. Dave played a good one that earned us a place in the final. So for the first time in a couple of years, we would wake up on the Sunday morning of the Scottish without the most brutal of hangovers! Hurraaaay!

So into the final it was against Ewan MacDonald!

The game was broadcast by the BBC, so you can catch the highlights of the match on ayePlayer HERE.

So it felt like it would have been quite a good game to watch, as there were a lot of stones in play most of the time.

As I am sure you already know, we ended up losing the game. The line score below shows how it all went down.

Who ever gave the score out to the papers, curlingzone and a few other places didn't manage it very well, as it looks like we got a proper thumping! We somehow managed to give up a steal of 3 in the last end, to lose 9-4, but that was not quite how I remember it going!

Dave scraping the barrel for tactical advice.
So we earned a silver medal. At the presentation we were given the wrong medals as Scott had been promoted to Ladies Coach Silver Medallist!

Correct medal
Ewan MacDonald's team played extremely well all week, and probably had one of the best performances by anyone in the Scottish Championships over the last 5 years.

They will certainly be competing for medals out in Beijing at the World's, so the best of luck to them!

That was the final competition of the season for us. It would have been very nice to get a win in the final of the Scottish, but it was not to be this time, so we will just have to try again next year!

Team Edwards

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