Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Scottish Championships - Sunday/Monday

On Sunday Team Edwards made their way to Perth for the practice at 7pm. We were quite organised this year and had sheets of paper with the curling head printed out on it and numbered stickers that we could use to match stones, because Dave is a geek.

Prior to that, Dave and Scott met the owner of the cottage that the team were going to be staying in so they could pick up the keys and get shown around. With John and Colin being absent, Dave and Scott quickly reserved a double bed each and let the weaker two share the twin room.

Dave had purchased £120 worth of food from Tesco to feed the team for the week which took a while to unload. John has high standards and this is most evident with the strict nutritional requirements that he sets himself to ensure he is able to perform to his fullest capacity. Dave was thankfully able to find the very specific cereal variety pack that John demanded.

John's breakfast
After the practice Dave did some cooking and the first meal he prepared was a sausage and bacon pasta with garlic bread which was very good.

Dave with his sausage
As well as very specific nutritional demands, John is also very picky about the crockery that he eats his meals from. There was a bit of an emergency when it was discovered that John had forgotten to pack his favourite plate for the week in Perth. Not to fear, he called his Mum and Dad told them to deliver the plate to our cottage ASAP so he could eat his meals in peace.

John's plate
So after all that drama we made our way to bed to prepare for the game against Warwick Smith the next morning. Here is the line score.

The game was quite close but stealing a two in the 7th end made things a bit simpler.

We then went back to the cottage for some food between games. After last year where every team member had a go at cooking, it looks like Dave has had enough of the sub standard meals that the rest of the team were producing and he will be doing the cooking for majority of the week, which we are certainly not complaining about! Dave produced a very good chicken curry this time.

Colin enjoying Dave's spicy meat.
This is how the game against Logan Gray went.

It was not a very high quality exhibition of curling but we managed to come out on top. That was our last game of the day so we had a beer at the rink and then some pizza back at the cottage.

In the morning John came in complaining that he had not had a warm shower for two days in a row. The rest of the team thought this was quite unusual as they all had lovely warm showers.

The boy had not discovered the magic switch that makes the water hot. Spacker.

Next up was Lee McCleary.

The game was alright and we played OK. We played a pretty good last end but Team McCleary made it tough for us and left Dave a very tricky through the port hit, that unfortunately wrecked.

We are now sitting on 2-1 with Ally Fraser to play this evening.

There is a fair jam for second place at the moment, but I am sure that will iron itself out by the end of the week.

Team Edwards

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