Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Bloody Women

We started the Petrofac Aberdeen City Open by drawing Alison Kinghorn in our opening game. Alison would be the first in a long line of women's teams that we would be playing over the course of the weekend.

For the first game, with Dave being absent, Derrick Sloan joined the team and slipped in at second. The game went pretty smoothly and we managed to win 15-2. Notable points from the game include John missing two opportunities for seven!

John, Scott and Colin decided they would head to Union Square for some spicy, chicken based nutrition at Nando's before their second game before against Jisun Kim from Korea. They have been training daily for hours and hours and hours at Curl Aberdeen over the last month in preparation for the Olympics, so they had a fair grasp of the ice conditions but will probably require reconstructive knee surgery following the Olympics.

Team Korea
Dave arrived prior to the game pleased to have learnt that John, Scott and Colin had survived without him, but his mood came crashing down when he discovered that he had been necknominated by 'Fat Sam Duncan Gracie'. I am not going to explain what necknominating is, because if you have facebook, you know.

For the game against Korea, it was pretty tight, but we had a moderate level of control throughout the game and managed to win by taking our point with the hammer in the eighth.

After the game, the team separated and made their way home. At about 11.30pm, Scott got a notification on Facebook stating that he had been tagged in a video by David Edwards. The bastard. The necknominating cycle had unsurprisingly began to make its way throughout the team. If you are keen to see Dave in a revealing amount of clothing downing a can of Caffrey's, go to his facebook page.

Dave in the midst of necknominating
Our Saturday morning game was a top of the table tie against Roy Haites. We managed to take a couple of threes early on that ensured qualification to the KO stages.

With Scott's 24 hour window for completing is necknomination looming, and with qualification guaranteed, he decided to get it out of the way between games. Dave, Colin and Scott made their way to Aberdeen Beach to film Scott's hauntingly pale body jump into the North Sea and down a pint. At this point, the nomination baton was passed onto Colin Campbell.

Scott would kill to be as tanned as this milk bottle
So for the third game of the weekend we would be up against some women and this time is was Hannah Fleming. We made a good start and took a 2 in the first end. Usually we make a nice effort at defending a lead, but this time we crumbled quite spectacularly. Over the next three ends we gave up 9 points........ which put us in a bit of a hole. Seven points down with 4 ends to go, we decided to hit through an end to take our 1 in the hope that we could get a couple of ends for the schenkel.

This is how the table looked at the end of the group games.

We were still top which was nice and it meant that we were lined up against Kerry Barr in the quarter final.

But before all that we had the evening entertainment that was organised at Curl Aberdeen to enjoy! We were seated with Susan Kesley's team that included honorary woman, Struan Wood. There was quite a lot of free wine on the go, so we got fair stuck into that. It was then for some reason suggested, that the dessert at the meal was to be eaten with out any cutlery at all, which obviously, got pretty messy.

After the dinner, there was the annual horse race. Below is the concept.

There were 6 rows of people sitting on chairs with a horse on wheels attached to a stick with a piece of string. The goal was to wind the string around the stick as quickly as possible to get the horse to your chair first.

As there was some big money on the line, Scott was put forward as the reigning champ to try and win the gamblers on the team some dough. Scott's well trained and powerful wrists eased through the first heat and secured his seat in the grand final.

There was some heavy bidding in the auction prior to the grand final. Scott came in as the most expensive horse and was purchased by Roy Haites for £130. That was some big confidence.

Although the grand final was closer, Scott still came through in first place and defended his title. This won Mr Haites a big wad of cash that the big man donated to charity. It also won Scott a bottle of Glayva that he definitely did not donate to charity.

It was off to bed to get some rest before for the quarter against Kerry Barr. We had played Kerry Barr once before this season which did not go well for us. Unfortunately it was much of the same this time as we did not produce our best performance. KB had a draw to the 8ft for the win in the extra which she made. That shot cost us over a thousand pounds as we dropped to second in the Scottish Curling Tour. Not ideal. Thankfully Kerry felt bad and let us know that she will be reimbursing us fully for her last shot. Cheers dude!

With us being knocked out in the quarter, it allowed us to enter the hotshots. Dave and Colin thought better of it and made their way home, but with John needing to pay for a new phone and Scott just generally being a poor student, they decided to enter the hotshots to try and win the £200 prize money.

The boys were top seeds going into the crazy 8's final. The final had the best four teams from the points section.

Team 1. John Penny/Scott Macleod
Team 2 Duncan Menzies/Thomas Halder
Team 3 The Russians
Team 4 The English

The aim of the hot shots was to remove all eight stones that were positioned in the formation below. After that, you had to get all eight of the yellow stones into the house. Who ever could do this the quickest would win.

JP and Scott managed it in a time of 2 minutes and 30 seconds which was the winning time! If you want to see a video of Scott falling on his arse, go 23 seconds into the bottom video on THIS PAGE.

In the main event, Ross McCleary lost the final to Grant Hardie. This meant Ross McCleary won the Scottish Curling Tour and Grant Hardie jumped up to 3rd.

Congratulations to them both!

Colin Campbell completed his necknomination by baring his hairy chest in his partially constructed bathroom which helped him recover from the two devastating defeats to girls. He passed the nomination onto John who completed the task the next day.

JP showed off his little pot belly in his joinery workshop and managed to down a pint quite impressively for a man that doesn't drink beer!

Team Edwards

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