Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Scottish - Wednesday Update

We have got a lie in this morning, so I thought I would do a blog update as John is being entertained by kid’s television. I am not joking. It’s not even like it’s the only thing on! We have got sky! I had forgotten how annoying the Chuckle Brothers are. Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch Chucklevision.

The Chuckle Brothers

On Monday morning, we had our 8 minute practice on each sheet. This gave us a chance to pick out any temperamental stones for the upcoming games. My Advanced Higher Graphic Communication A came into use for the first time since the exam in 2006. I got my compass and set squares out and had a wee project to draw a curling head on a grid. We used this to mark down where thrown stones landed and to compared to splits. It was immensely professional.

My gear

The first game was against Ewan MacDonald. Dave made a good draw to get the hammer. Following that, it was a rocky first couple of ends with John pulling us out of a lot of trouble. His triple was especially sexy. The 8th end was the key for us. We played a really good one and after a few big smashes from MacDonald, there were still a few lying about the house and had the nose hit for 3. Good win!

© Skip Cottage
Dave Murdoch/Dave Edwards

We had a 7.35am first practice on Tuesday Morning. Raged. The game was again Jay McWilliam. We covered the pin with the LSD to get hammer. The early ends went well and we built up a 3-0 lead. We kept it reasonably clear throughout the rest of the game with McWilliam needing a 2 in the 10th for an extra.  He didn’t really have a shot and ran out of time. So it was another win on the board for Team Edwards.

© Skip Cottage
Glen Muirhead/Scott Macleod

The Tuesday afternoon game was against David Murdoch. It was a big game for us. If we won, we had the potential to go clear at the top of the table. We once again got the hammer and we needed it as we did not have a phenomenal first end. In the middle of the game we got a great couple of twos courtesy of Dave’s nailers. One up with in the last end, we had a nose hit double for the game, which we made. 3-0 and the top of the table!

There is a really long way to go but we are certainly happy with our start. Today we have Graeme Black at 12 noon and Warwick Smith at 8pm.

So, the curling is going well, but I have not mentioned the most important development of the week. Our card game of choice is “bugger your neighbour” which is a variation of trumps. The rules are here.

Anyway, I(Scott) am winning it! Anybody with experience of our games will know how much of a turnaround and a shock this is. In my opinion, it was just a matter of time before my superior skill and talent shone through to get these vital W’s on the board. I intend to keep the run going.

Bob Cowan is blogging from the event,

I will try and blog again, but don’t count on it!

Wish us luck!
Team Edwards

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  1. Excellent blog - thank you Scott. I for one can't believe you are winning at any card game - are you cheating? I won't tell anyone!