Monday, 20 February 2012

Scottish Championships Final Post

Well that was shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite.

After going 8-1 in the Round Robin, we lost both the 1v2 game and the semi-final. Disappointing does not quite cover this one.

We didn’t fire at all in the game against Warwick Smith in the 1v2. Saying that, we had many opportunities for 2, and we even converted a few of them. The key end was the 8th when things were really not setting up well for us. After two freezes by Dave Smith, we were in a fair bit of trouble. Dave gave us a chance with his first, but the second didn’t quite come off and Warwick had an open draw for 4. We were only 2 down at this point and we gave ourselves an opportunity to make the comeback, but Warwick made 2 good draws to the button in the 10th for a place in the final.

Skip Cottage Curling
David Edwards

The semi-final was a much better game. In the 3rd end we had to draw to the 4ft against 3, the stone picked at the hogline but we managed to drag it to the top of the 8ft to cut it down to 1. In the next end, things were looking quite good for us with a lot of our stones hanging about. Tom blasted them but left us with a double for 2. Unfortunately we jammed and gave up another steal. Next end we had a split for 3. Hard to describe how unlucky this one was. But trust me, it was fucking unlucky. After that we forced the 1, we then had a hit for 2/1 depending on a measure. Obviously the umpires decided that the stones were exactly the same and that apparently means it was only a 1. We had to go for it a bit in the next couple of ends, we had a small hit and roll with Dave’s last that wrecked and left Tom with and open draw for 3. He made it and we conceded.

                                                                  GAME OVER

Skip Cottage Curling
Colin Campbell/Scott Macleod/John Penny

 Well 3rd place is not awful, although it was not what we wanted after going 8-1.

Thanks to everyone over the last week and the entire season for their support, it has been much appreciated.

I would also like to congratulate Tom, Greg, Scott and Michael for winning the Scottish again. Well done. Also congratulations to Dave for getting to go as 5th. Your rock matching skills will have improved significantly this year! Good luck in Basel!

Team Edwards

PS I thought I would just let you all know that with these blogs it is possibly to find out what people have searched to reach the blog. The most popular search used to reach the Team Edwards Blog over the last month is "Swingers Club". I find that very entertaining.

Tommy Sheridan

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