Friday, 27 January 2012

Mens Qualifiers

 We made it through to Scottish Mens Finals! The group is shown below.

We did not have the most convincing of qualifications. It was pretty ropey at times.

A picture of some rope.

I will now give you all a 2 sentence summary of each game.

Lose - Graeme Black 3-6
Graeme played a lot of shots and we did not. By far our worst game of the qualifiers.

The Bye
We went on a team date to watch Sherlock Holmes. Very romantic.

Win - Alan Manuel 9-3
We also did not play very well. Won it without too many issues.

Lose - Logan Gray 4-6
This was a really good game. Unfortunately for us Logan was being a bit of a dick and kept making ridiculous shots.

Win - Alan Gillies 6-5
We were toiling for a while. Had to make a wee bit of a comeback.

Win - Dave Hay 10-3
We could have quite easily been 5-0 down after the first 2 ends. Mr Edwards was on form, so it was all good.

Lose - Ally Fraser 4-5
Played really well, but it was a defensive game, so it was tight until the end. Had the 4ft for the win, and missed.

Win – Graeme Shedden 9-0
Was not a classic from Shedden. We stole quite a lot of ends.

Win – Bruce Mouat 8-2
Took a 3 in the first. I had some fun peeling following that.

This left us on a 6-3 record. Because all the other results went our way, we got through without any tie breakers! It looked like we could have been there for weeks if we had lost the last one. There was a possibility of a 5 way tiebreaker for one spot.

The draw for the Mens Finals is now out.

This is how it looks for us.

13th Feb 4.15pm MacDonald
14th Feb 8.00am McWilliam
14th Feb 4.00pm Murdoch
15th Feb 12noon Black
15th Feb 8.00pm Smith
16th Feb 12noon Young
16th Feb  8.00pm Gray
17th Feb  8.00am Hamilton
17th Feb  4.00pm Brewster

The 8pm game followed by an 8am game is going to be pretty rough. I am sure we will manage though.

That’s it.

Team Edwards

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