Saturday, 18 February 2012

Scottish - Saturday Update

New blog to kill some time before the 1v2! The background TV show today is Jeremy Kyle US Version. (Also John’s choice). One observation from this is, if you have a tattoo on your face, some shit is going down.

Mike Tyson

And with the curling, we really can’t complain about how it has gone so far.

As you can see, we are on 8-1. But I am sure that you will all already know that as I have inundated you with facebook statuses. Apologies, I am a Social Networking junkie. Anyway, this means that we have won the Round Robin and are lined up to play Warwick Smith in the 1v2. Tom Brewster plays Ewan MacDonald in the 3v4.

The game kicks off at 2.30pm with the semi-finals at 7.30pm. Hopefully we will not need the semi-final, but it is nice to have the back up!

I am limited with time and have the memory of a goldfish so I will only give a quick rundown of the last 2 Round Robin games yesterday.



John Hamilton 9-6 Win
We were always in reasonable control although we gave up a couple soft 2’s which made it close. They took their 2 in the tenth for an Extra End. Dave made a short run back for a 3, and the victory.

Tom Brewster 6-5 Loss
It was a good game against Tom. It did not change things at all for us, but we had the chance to put him in a world of pain if we were to win. We held an early lead and had the opportunity to go down the last end peels with the hammer. We were unfortunately forced to take our 1 in the 9th, then had to prevent Brewster from taking a 2 in the last end. We did not manage that, and Brewster got the Win.

Skip Cottage Curling
Greg Drummond/Tom Brewster + John Penny/David Edwards

My form in “Bugger your neighbour” has dropped. I have had a second last and two last place finishes in the last couple of days! And this was with Greig Henderson playing! Unbelievable!

We changed up the game last night. It was now Team Whist. This was the first appearance of the game since the Oslo Cup in September. If I remember correctly, my team, which had many different combinations, were 0-7. This time it was going to be different. The line-up was Team Frontend (Colin and Scott) v Team Rearend (Dave and John).

The result was a big win for the sweepers. Very pleased.

Well we are away to get some calories for the 1v2. Wish us luck with this one. We really want to be in the final.

Team Edwards

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  1. Scott, I really want to to win this time!