Saturday, 18 August 2012

Summer 2012 - We're back!

It's been a while since we last posted so I'll apologise now for the length of this update!

Well the good news is that unlike The Rangers Football Club PLC our team will emerge from the off-season with it's name, reputation (if we had any), history and personnel intact. The administration at Rangers must have watched a lot of Bullseye during the eighties and taken Jim Bowen's catchphrase "Stay out of the black and into the red" the wrong way. If any of you kids don't remember Bullesye that's what we used to watch on a Saturday night before rubbish like the X-Factor and Strictly Come Dancing came on the scene.

Let's cover off the only serious piece of news that's worthwhile touching on in this post and that's relates to funding. Although the team does remain intact for the season ahead we will not be part of the RCCC World Class Performance programme. We decided at the end of last season that the programme criteria doesn't fall in line with our needs for various reasons and have therefore decided to move forward without any official support. We are however pleased to announce that coach Greig Henderson is still on the roster and will be helping the team out with his expert game analysis and wine selection skills.

Well that's all the dull stuff covered off so what have we been up to over the summer?

At the start of August Dave had a one off loan move to team Curl One Out approved for the Stirling Summer Skins. In what can only be described as an absolute disgrace the team sunk enough alcohol to take down a cruise liner and were incapable of curling on the Friday night. I'm sure some would question whether they were capable of curling at any point during the weekend. One point to highlight was the dance off challenge issued by Kerry Barr on Saturday night. This really was a non event after Disco Dave pulled off the winning Crippled Grandad move on the dance floor to which Barr had no reply. Maybe you'll have better luck at skating Barr face!

A picture of Dave was taken during one of the games with Team Curl One Out

After only a few months of romance Johns other half decided that she'd had enough of him and flew off to Australia for the summer. He's spent last few months pining for her swift return. John joined to family business as a joiner last year and lets just say he's a little accident prone. It therefore has to be positive that we've had no accident reports this summer after he walked into a plank of wood with his head and stood on a nail last year.

John: When will she be back?

I'm sure all the ladies out there will really be wanting to know what the team heart throb Scotty has been up to this summer. Unfortunately the Peugeot passion wagon is no more and has had her last trip. Although we're yet to see the replacement the rumour is that you'll not be disappointed. The question on everyones lips is whether Scott will be the next in line to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond? It was only last week he managed to break into his own house with all the skills of 007 only to find out the front door was open.

It is rumoured that Scott has purchased a new Austin Powers styled machine

Colin set up a new gardening business during the summer and is now trading as Hedge and Lawn Garden Services. In a shameless plug for business if anyone in and around the Edinburgh area needs the lawn mowed, hedge cut or the odd bush trimmed he is your man. Could Colin be the new Alan Titchmarsh?

Beachgrove Gardens Jim McColl is hiding from BBC bosses in the fear that Colin may in line to replace him

The guys (minus Scott who was working on his market stall) met up for a BBQ and beers a few weeks back in Aberdeen and below is some footage from our trip to Go Ape at Crathes.

Stay loose silly goose!

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