Friday, 13 January 2012

Perth Masters

 Here is what happened at the Masters

First game was against Tsoulesov from Russia. He was amazing at blanking so it was a very tight game until the 5th end. He went mental in the 6th and tapped us up for a steal of two. We won.
A rare time when we had stones in play

Following this was the Calcutta. We fancied buying ourselves but someone else was determined to get us. We sold for £190 in the end.  

Next up was Laycock from Saskatchewan. They are a pretty good team. It was tight the whole way and it went to an extra. They hogged a few guards so we had a pretty simple shot for the win.
Chasing John's Peel

We had Brewster in the A semi. I think he had received a bit of coaching from the Russian we played earlier. It was an insanely boring game until we open freshed, and lost a 2. Following that, we didn’t make very many shots and ended up getting beaten 5-0.

We then played Sandy Reid. It was a pretty good game for a while. We had a few chances that didn’t come off, especially in the 4th end. So in the 5th end, we decided we really wanted a 2. What we actually did was give up a steal of 3. Hello C Road.
Team Edwards Hairline

Next was Pascal Hess from Switzerland. We played really well at the start of the game and had a few chances that did not get us anything.  We were 3-1 down in the 4th.  We took our 2 in the 5th, then forced 1, then scraped together a 3 and then didn’t lose a 2 in the 8th. So we won.

We played Kyle Smith’s team of children for a place in the C final. We were 3-0 up after the first couple of ends. We had a pretty awful pick/burn combo that ended with us losing a very unjustified 3. After that, they played really good and we played bad. So we lost and were out.
Giving it the guns.

Conclusion of the weekend.
We are amazing at playing foreign people. Not so good against Scottish. Sooooooooooooo, as of tomorrow we are starting the Qualifying for the Scottish Finals, this will be mostly against Scottish teams. First up is Mr. Graeme Black at 12.45pm Saturday. On Sunday we have Alan Manuel first and the Logan Gray at 8.00pm.

I am very keen to be playing Mens Finals this year, so, once again, wish us luck!

Team Edwards

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