Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Scottish Qualifiers Weekend 1

Last weekend marked the start of the qualifying for the Scottish Championships. John was the driver this weekend and he picked up Scott and Dave on his way through Aberdeen at 7.30am!! Ridiculous. We met Colin in Braehead before our first game for the always new and exciting Umpire's Meeting.  

Our first game was against Hamish Lorrain-Smith. The ice was very good and curling a fair amount. Here is the line score.

Edwards          02030 32 X - 10 
Lorrain-Smith  00101 00 X - 2

We played pretty well and managed to get our first win on the board!

With having only one game on Saturday, we killed some time in Xscape which is next to Braehead. After getting stuck into some food, we ventured into the cinema to watch the critically acclaimed '12 Years a Slave'.

Here is some background and reviews of the film. 
The Observer - 'nothing short of magnificent'

The Guardian - 'a beautiful portrayal of one man's fight for freedom'

The Telegraph - 'truly important film, a must watch'

John Penny - 'What was that!? I can't believe I paid to see that, it was awful. So boring.'

So John went down a different route while reviewing this 5 star film that is favoured to win many Academy Awards. The emotional, situation building scenes within the film were the parts that JP was most critical about.

John Penny: "There was a guy just standing there sweating in a field for 5 minutes!! What was the point in that!?"

It would be fair to say it was not his cup of tea. 

The director of the movie was Steve McQueen. It appears that both Dave and Scott had a bit of a stupid moment after the film when questioning if the director was actually the star of 'The Great Escape'. Doing a bit of research, it appears that Steve McQueen, the actor, died in 1980. So it probably was not him. 

Wrong Steve McQueen
To cheer John up after this disaster of an evening for him, we let him have a wee go on some of the arcade games. Here is an action video that Colin captured of the team playing arcade basketball.

We were staying at the glamorous Glasgow Airport Holiday Inn Express for the night, so after our exploits in Xscape, we checked in, had a meal, had some beer and played some cards.

The next morning we were up against the always entertaining Graeme Black who actually managed to turn up for his game on this occasion. 

Edwards  11003 004 X - 9
Black      00200 010 X - 3

We played alright but they seemed to have quite a lot chances. 

The last game of the weekend was against John Hamilton. 

Edwards 00000 10104 - 6
Hamilton 00101 01010 - 4

As you can see from the line score, we didn't have a good first 9 ends. 2 down with in the 10th, we were hoping to take a 2 and hopefully steal in the extra. Our optimism of this happening dropped when Colin's first corner guard came up 2ft short of the hogline. By skip stones, we were lying really nicely, but Dave was required to play a nice hack weight tap back for the win!

This is how the table looks for us with 3 games still to go.    

Next weekend we will face Kyle Smith, Stuart Taylor and Graham Shedden down at Dumfries where we can hopefully do enough to qualify for Men's finals. Our first game against Kyle will be shown on the Dumfries Curling TV webcast at 8pm this Friday. The schedule can be found here and the coverage will be here.

On Monday evening, Curl Aberdeen was host to the massive Super League derby between David Edwards and John Penny. John has so far gone undefeated this season while David, with Scott, is a couple of games behind in third place. This massive Team Edwards duel was Dave and Scott's last real hope of catching JP.

This was the line up of the teams. 

Team Penny
Skip - John Penny
Third - Steven Eddie
Second - Andrew Dolman
Lead - Pye McLachlan

Team Edwards
Skip - David Edwards
Third - Scott Macleod
Second -Andy Mac
Lead - Ian Gove

And the linescore. 

Edwards 10020010 - 4
Penny     01101003 - 6

So the bad guys won this time, next season we will have them. 

Team Edwards

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