Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Perth Masters 2014

On 2nd January, Team Hedge and Lawn Garden Services tried to haul their hungover and overweight carcasses out of their festive slumber to participate in the Perth Masters. The team had a quick practice before the first game so we would have some type of slide that would be acceptable for a World Curling Tour Event. As usual, Scott failed to do that.

In our first game we faced Tomi Rantamaki from Finland. It was tight but we managed to make use of the hammer in the final end to come out 4-3 winners.

The Calcutta auction followed the game against the Finns where we were purchased by the McCleary syndicate for £160. We did our best to get as much free food as we possibly could and invented a new meal combining oatcakes, curry and stovies. A Perth Masters Calcutta Classic.

Calcutta Mugshot
Next up was Shuuuuuuuuuuuster. They are the US Olympic reps and will be heading out to Sochi in February. This one was tight-ish but we secured a 6-4 victory.

Last year we ran into Niklas Edin from Sweden twice at the Masters and unbelievably managed to win both. Following our win against the USA, we were shot into the A semi against the reigning world champions where he would have the opportunity to get his revenge. This didn't happen and we won 6-1. We have now won 4 and lost 1 against the Swedish Olympians probably making us the worst team in the world to have that kind of record against them.

That was the last game on Friday and it was now time for the Masters dinner at City Mills. As the seating at this event is usually determined by who you played in your last game, we were at a table of 10 with Niklas Edin's team plus coaches. For any of you who do not know, Edin's coach is double Olympic champion, Eva Lund.

Eva Lund - This was not her reaction when she realised she was sitting next to Greig. 
Greig Henderson's eyes obviously lit up when he saw this and did a great job of manufacturing a coaches section at the table. The remaining members of Team Edwards got schooled into how to talk to women that night. It was actually quite impressive.

The Team Edwards female fan club, Team Kerry Barr, attended  the Perth Masters for the sole reason to support the boys, but they got distracted and decided to hit the bright lights of Perth. At the meal, John and Scott were receiving snapchats from their 'preparation stage' of the evening. The most notable one came from Rhiann's boyfriend, Andy Mac.

Rhiann was hospitalised that evening due to a wound sustained by crashing into a shelf in a nightclub. Thankfully, she didn't damage anything important, it was only a head injury.

Terry Butcher - Rhiann's idol.
So back to curling. We had a very bad Saturday by all accounts, which was, this time, not impacted by alcohol in the slightest.

In action against 1D and Glass Jaw
We first of all blew out in the A final with a very poor performance v Grant Hardie. It was much the same in the B semi against Oskar Eriksson and we were finally put out our misery by Pascal Hess in the C Road. Then it was home time!

Shout out to Tom Brydone who took all the pics that I have stolen. The rest of the pictures from the 2014 Perth Masters can be found here.

A Scottish Qualifiers blog will come soon!

Team Edwards

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