Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Petrofac Aberdeen City Open 2014

This weekend we have the final event of the 2013/14 Goldline Scottish Curling Tour. The link to the event's website is HERE.

Below are the sections, which apparently, are no longer up to date, but it is close enough.

The draw is done in quite an unusual manner as we do not know who we are playing until just before our first game, when the draw will be made. We could be playing any one of the teams in the red section. Hopefully the Korean Ladies. We have four games in the schenkel and the times are as follows;

Draw 1 12.30pm Friday 31st January
Draw 2 6pm Friday 31st January

Draw 3 9am Saturday 1st February
Draw 4 2.30pm Saturday 1st February

So this is the situation in the Scottish Curling Tour after 7 events.

Mathematically, Grant Hardie (Jay McWilliam) can still win the tour, but that would require them to win the event and both ourselves and Ross to not make it to the quarter final stages. We learned today that Grant Hardie will be replaced by Andy Mac.... soooooo, not quite a like for like replacement, but they will still be decent. Our single point advantage over Ross McCleary means that if we can match his result in this event, we will win the tour! So that is what we are going to try and do.

For the second year in a row, the virile Dave Edwards will be AWOL for the first game of the Petrofac Aberdeen City Open. You would have thought that for the final leg of the Scottish Curling Tour, when things are so close at the top of the rankings, all members of the team would be fully focused on peak performance for this event. But no, he will be bailing and handing the reigns over to John Penny for one game only.

We have hired Derrick Sloan as our replacement due to his prowess in the Aberdeen Super League where he has made some powerful performances under the tactical wizardry of Roy Haites.
Derrick Sloan
Derrick's tactical experience was a key factor in his selection as there will inevitably be many points throughout the game that John and Scott will need guidance.

A few blogs ago I mentioned a very lucky shot Dave played in the Scottish Qualifiers against Kyle Smith. For some reason, I can not get it to play on this blog. So it will go in it's own separate one which will come straight after this.

Thanks to Dumfries Curling for uploading that belter anyway.

Team Edwards

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