Sunday, 20 October 2013

Forfar Open Full Blog

Last weekend we were in action at the Forfar Open. Up until a couple of days before the tournament we still did not have any accomodation booked. John Penny came through for us and found a lovely self catering cottage on the outskirts of Forfar.

Before making our way to the cottage, we had to go to Tesco to stock up on some food. With an athletes shopping list of:

1. Bacon
2. Eggs
3. Bread
4. Full Fat Milk
5. 20 cans of Stella
6. Meat Feast Pizza x2
7. Bacardi Breezer Spritzer Mixed Berry - A sparkling drink with fruit wine and fruit flavours.

With that, we had all we needed. So, I hear you asking if we were expecting female company at our cottage due to the Bacardi Breezer Spritzer Mixed Berry we bought?

Looking like we do, it is always a possibility, but nah, that was for John. The wee lad has not yet acquired the taste for beer so this was the drink that he demanded to wash down the pizza with.

John's 'Beer'

Stocked up we decided to make our way to the cottage. Dave stuck the address into the sat nav and we were away to meet the owner of the property to give us the keys. We were heading down dirt tracks and private roads for miles and miles. At this point we were starting to worry, what kind of place had John booked us into? When we arrived our fears were not alleviated as an 80 year old women wearing sandals rolled out of a van and showed us around. Thankfully, she ended up being a very nice lady with an impressive moustache.

Because the blog is so late the scores have actually been taken off the net. But I will make educated guesses about how it went.

Ian Young - Win 13-3
Craig Joiner - Win 13-3
David Jones - Win 12-4
Robin Brydone - Win 11-4
Marc Haggart - Win 8-3

So we tore through the group stages scoring a lot more shots than we usually do. We topped the group and we were facing John Hamilton in the quarter final on Sunday morning.

But before that we experienced the hospitality at Forfar Indoor Sports until 2am. Mike Ferguson had organised 'Play Your Cards Right' as entertainment for the night. The winner of the event would take home the grand prize of £50. Before this, Mr Edwards offered Scott's services to act as Mike's beautiful assistant, Deirdre, for the evenings activities. Scott turned out to be quite the looker.

Colin getting an eyeful

Colin and Rachael Simms made it through to the final playoff to decide the winner. Colin came out on top and the £50 winnings were fired straight back into the bar.

The presentation

Now, after the events of the night before we had to wake up and try and play some curling. We were dying from our hangovers. Absolutely buckled. It may have been just a coincidence, but we had lost a lot of our ability to curl and had to steal in an extra end for victory against John Hamilton.

In the semi finals we ran into the qualifier from the girls section. Obvisouly, our eyes lit up when we saw this as we were pretty much had a garaunteed place in the final.

That ended up not being the case. We were up against Kerry Barr's team who we have a fair amount of personal connections with such as sisters, sister in law's, ex team mates etc. So the winner would have bragging rights for a fair while. It came down to the last end where we were tied with the hammer. We had a hit in stick for the win which did not hit or stick.

Then the realisation hit us. We had just lost to girls.

Kerry went on to get beaten in the final by Ross McCleary.

Thanks to Mike and everyone at Forfar Indoor Sports for a great weekend!

Tune in next time for the Inverness Skins.
Will we have learned our lesson about drinking too much?
Probably not.

Team Edwards

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