Monday, 2 September 2013

End of an Era

Last month, Dave played in the Stirling Summer Skins with Team Curl One Out. They managed to scrape through the group stages before running into the might of Team Greg Drummond in the quarter final. Greg's team were firing well and ranked No.1 after the group stages. This was of no surprise as Greg's team of pros had had many hours of summer training under their belt. Team COO having had no ice time in several months only made it through to the quarter final stages after skinning Logan Gray in their last group game.

With some chat about the prospect of the two teams meeting prior to the tournament on Twitter, I think both teams were eager to come out on top. We are unsure as to how the game played out, but apparently, Greg's team were on the wrong end of very one sided spanking, according to Kenny.

Prior the final, Team COO ploughed through Hannah Flemming in the semis, before meeting Michael Goodfellow's international rink to play for the championship. Team COO some how came out winners and were crowned champions of the Stirling Skins. Congratulations.

The champs

The good times didn't last for long. Team Edwards have some bad news.

A couple days after the Stirling Skins; John, Colin and Scott received this disappointing email from Dave.

David Edwards "After my heroics with the boys at the (Stirling Skins) I'm moving onto bigger and better things.............have a good season."

So cold. This was obviously a blow to everyone on the team, and I am sure, to our hoards fans.

It took about a week for Dave to realise the logistics that were involved with his new team. He would either have to have Kenny sweeping for him or have Kenny skipping and telling him what to do. So obviously, with only those two horrendous options available to him, he came crawling back to John, Colin and Scott with his tail between his legs. 

With the team line-up now finalised, we are looking towards our first event of the season. We are starting out with the Dumfries Ice Bowl Open which on 20th-22nd September. Our first game is against the Estonian national team, Martin Lill. 

This is how our section rounds out with the top 5 advancing to the playoff stages.

David Edwards
Kyle Smith
Scott Robertson
Ross Whyte
Cameron Bryce
Martin Lill
Maggie Wilson
Alan Mitchell

The event website and full draw is HERE

We have never played in this event before but we thought we would give it a try as the Scottish Playdowns will be making a visit to rink early next year. Another large factor that is drawing us to this tournament is the prospect of being hosted by Meg Edwards again. The last time the team stayed at the Edwards residence, we all left a solid 4 kilos heavier. Looking forward to the feed!

But before all this we have our intensive on ice summer training programme start and adhere to.

Our on ice summer training programme will commence on the 18th September and will wind down around the 19th September just in time to be in peak performance for Dumfries. This will take place in Curl Aberdeen and the team will be around to sign any autographs. 

That is all
Team Edwards

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