Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Conference Call

First of all, a quick round up of what happened at the Scottish Mixed Championships.

We were awful.

Things were going really well at the mixed until the completion of our first game. This was when Kerry, Louise and Scott made a stop at Tesco to stock up on food and alcohol for the remaining days of competition. With Scott running about and riding on the trolley and Louise shouting at him to "watch out for the other people!" we maybe should not have been too surprised with what went down next.

With Scott eagerly bagging the items at the end of the checkout and Louise ready to pay at the till. The cashier came out with this beauty. He asked Louise, while pointing at Scott, "Is this your son? If not, he has to show ID."

As you can imagine, with Louise and Scott being 28 and 25 respectively, this was not exactly a compliment to either of them. But still definitely worse for Louise.   

With the front ends confidence decimated our chances of becoming Scottish Mixed champions were all but over and we are placing the blame squarely on the shoulders of Rajesh the cashier from Tesco Extra.

Mother and Son

For the 2013-14 season Team Edwards will remain intact with David, John, Scott and Colin once again.

To discuss what tournaments we are going to play in next season, Dave organised a conference call on Skype.  We were due to start the call at 8pm on a Thursday night a couple of weeks ago. Dave was first online at 7.52pm, quickly followed by Scott a couple minutes later. Colin arrived just before 8pm, but still on time.

John was not so sharp. With no sign of him for 20 minutes, we decided to give him a call.

John "I am really struggling to get on to Skype. Do I have to have an account? Maybe the computer isn't working. I will go and download it on the laptop. What website do you get it from?"

That is a slight embellishment of how the phone call went, but it was along those lines. It also gives you an idea of what kind of technological incompetency we were dealing with. The folks of Old Meldrum are hoping to have broadband by 2018. Anyway, an iPad, a laptop and a desktop computer later, John finally arrived in the conference call 40 minutes late. The picture below shows the welcome that he received.


Obviously, in the 40 minutes John was not in the conversation. The other 3 had discussed all our options and had decided what tournaments to play in.

One thing of note is John Penny is away in Jamaica for pretty much half the season. So we will be looking for a replacement for a couple of competitions. Due to the great volume of high quality responses we received last time we put up an offer to play for Team Edwards, we are going to do it again. Call David Edwards.

John's new look for the second half of the season.

Colin unfortunately did not choose the best location to hold the conference call as he was in a room with his young nieces and nephews. Their vocabulary over the course of the call may have been developed a little too far at some instances.

And finally the events we are actually competing in. Unfortunately, Soren never gave us a call offering to fund a few foreign trips so we will be once again traipsing up and down the length of the country competing in the Scottish Curling Tour, which was a lot of fun last year!

I can not remember the dates or order, but here we go.


We will probably enter the Scottish as well.

That's it.
Team Edwards

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