Friday, 20 September 2013

Summer Training

Team Hedge & Lawn Garden Services started their summer training yesterday at Curl Aberdeen. Unfortunately, the owner and proprietor of Hedge & Lawn Garden Services, Colin Campbell, was unable to attend the full training day as he was once again up to his neck in bush.

He did make a small appearance towards the end of the training session for the "Team Hedge & Lawn Garden Services Trick Shot Challenge". Make sure you watch until the end to view his impressive attempts.

Thanks to Pye for all of the video editing.

So we are heading down to Dumfries tomorrow morning where we have already been awarded our first victory due to our Estonian opponents not arriving until 3 hours after the first game has finished.

If we keep this up, no one can stop us!

Our first game where we will actually get some ice time will be 7.30pm on Friday evening against whomever the mighty Schenkel decides.

Team Edwards

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