Monday, 3 December 2012

Stirling Invitational

Team Edwards were back in action again this weekend competing in the Stirling Invitational. This weekend saw super sub Ringo returning to our line up as John Penny had other commitments that he could not get out of.

Ringo in action.

But what other commitments could John possibly have that would mean he would have to miss one of the most important curling weekends of the season and leave his team in the lurch? And more worryingly, allowing Scott to play third?

A holiday?
A wedding?
A funeral?
A family emergency?

They would probably all be pretty valid and understandable excuses. But no, it was none of these.

John Penny missed the Stirling Invitational because he is whipped.

The trousers that John never gets to wear. 

JP’s lucky significant other had booked flights up to Aberdeen where they could spend a romantic weekend together. Rumour has it that John had a fun filled weekend prepared for himself and Caitlin. Our sources say that John had booked a candle lit table for two at McDonalds, where he would even consider letting Caitlin supersize the meal, as it is certain that nothing else over the course of the weekend would be *"Supersize". This was to be followed by a drive in his car back to Old Meldrum where he had prepared nothing but the finest 6 pack of Strongbow to watch the football with. I am sure that she will have been impressed.


As for the curling, it went alright.

Win 5-4 v Fraser Hare. Pretty tight, made the hit and stick for the win.
Win 10-0 v A Mitchell. Dishing out free points.
Win 7-2 v Graeme Shedden. Made a good double for 4 in the middle of the game.
Win 7-1 v Murray Young. Stole a 4 in the 6th to seal the deal.
Draw 2-2 v Logan Gray. They gave up half way through the game.

We were through to the quarter final against Ewan McDonald where we once again improved our playoff record with a tight 3-2 victory.

We then had Warwick Smith in the semi-final, they beat us 5-1 by taking a 3 when Warwick made a triple followed by a split.   

We also had to play the role of Richard Hart on a couple of occasions over the course of the weekend.

After the games on Friday and Saturday we had a couple of beers while watching boxing and playing cards. Like real men. As I am sure you are all aware, Team Edwards are highly desirable company and Team Barr begged us to allow them to come for a few drinks with us to celebrate their qualification into the Scottish Ladies Finals. We initially said no, but we finally caved and accepted. One thing to note about their qualifying weekend is that Rhiann Macleod travelled to the curling competition in Dumfries without her curling shoes. Absolute spacker.

Standard Rhiann

After a couple of drinks Kerry Barr was getting a bit mouthy. She challenged Scott to a high stakes game of pool in the hotel across the road. It was a good game which was very tense at times. After an opportunity to clear up, Kerry choked and gave Scott the tap in for the win. Kerry whimpered away with her tail between her legs. FIVE POUNDS TO MACLEOD!!!!! Victory pic below. Never in doubt.

The prize giving. 
That was the Stirling Invitational.

Because we stole some photos, I will give the source a shout out.
Andy R Macpherson did a great job, here is a link to his album.

Next up for us is the Kinross Open which is played over the weekend of 14-16 December.

We also had a new feature that was planned for this weekend, but we forgot to actually do it. We will get to it at Kinross, and post the results.

That is all,

*yes, it was a reference to John having a tiny penis

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