Thursday, 6 December 2012

Challenge Scott

Next weekend will see the introduction of a new video feature called "Challenge Scott".  Challenge Scott unlike the 90's TV programme Challenge Anneka will be no good to man nor beast and will involve some completely pointless tasks.

Being a midget Scott's little man syndrome means he refuses to back away from a challenge and next Saturday he will take on the famous "Cinnamon Challenge".  Dave mentioned to Scott the other weekend and as predicted the wee man couldn't say no to eating a tablespoon of cinnamon inside 60 seconds.  Apparently this one is going to be easy, but we think there may be some surprises in store for the little man.

Verne is taller (and stronger) than Scott

January will see Scott tackle the Slains Castle "Burger Challenge", which involves eating  2 x 12oz burgers topped with 4 rashers of bacon, 6 onion rings salad and a mound of cheese. All served in a focaccia roll with a pile of chips! Victory will be his if he can finish inside 25 minutes.  Chances?!? Nae chance!

Any suggestions or ideas for Challenge Scott would be gratefully received and he'll do anything that doesn't involve jumping off a bridge with an elastic band between his legs.

Adding to the excitement of the Kinross weekend is the possibility that we may have a team streaker.  Should a certain event happen (this has to be kept under wraps) one of the team members has volunteered do a streak! Colin's identity will remain secret until the big event, however we will provide advance notice for all the ladies who would like to see his elephants trunk shrivel up in the cold should events transpire against him.
Colin may be the most famous streaker in curling!

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