Thursday, 1 November 2012

Atholl Factor & Super Sub

If you read our last update you'll know that Scott won't be with us in two weeks time for the Edinburgh International.  Some of our regular followers will remember that Scott was absent last year for the Stirling Invitational as he had to direct traffic at House of Bruar while dressed as a squirrel.  While he mentioned on the previous post that he would be absent this time due to work commitments it transpires that he's actually performing in the local Atholl-Factor auditions in Blair Atholl.  Scott was caught on video last weekend warming up for the big event although it is apparent his voice coach does have their work cut out with only a couple of weeks to go.  His personal manager and sister Rhiann Macleod does appear a little shocked in the video, and we can only assume this is because his song choice was intended to be kept secret.  Phone lines open on Saturday night and I'd personally save your cash, but here's a sneak preview. Thanks goes out to our man on the inside Andy who provided the footage.

If we're being completely honest wasn't that difficult to find a replacement for Scott and we're pleased to announce that Neil Macathur will be joining the team for the event in Edinburgh and also at Stirling later in the month.  I did try to find a photo of Neil in action, but he must be good at hiding from the camera so you'll have to make do with the video of Scott this week.

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