Thursday, 22 November 2012

Edinburgh International Roundup

It's taken a while to get round to doing this update, but I thought we'd better provide a summary of the Edinburgh International before we head off to Scottish Curling Tour event at Lockerbie this weekend.

Things started well with a win against Lovold, but they soon took a turn for the worse as we lost three straight to Kauste, Smith and the Russians.  You'll notice I didn't mention the surname for the Russians and there's two reasons for this.  Firstly I would likely make a right mess of trying to spell it and secondly because I think they all had a shot of skipping over the weekend.  If you were to ask us why we lost those games it probably came down to a mixture of average play and some questionable tactics given the ice conditions.  Going into our last round robin match against John Hamilton we had two chances of qualifying for the quarter finals.  One was none and I'm sure you can work out what the other was.  We managed to get a win from this one and finished the weekend off with a W.  We'll move on with a few things to work on from that weekend.

A big thanks goes out to Neil MacArthur for stepping in to replace "The Destroyer" over the course of the tournament.

So off to Lockerbie it is this weekend as we attempt to wipe out the 7 point advantage that Team Barr have over us in the tour rankings.  We're matched up against David Jones in our first game for the second time this season, and with Team Curl One Out also in our section the exciting prospect of a big clash over the weekend looms.

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