Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Forfar Open, the Horse Race, Independence and Gok Wan.

We played in our first competition of the season in Forfar at the weekend. It was a good one which involved some extracurricular activities to keep us entertained.

The new team shirts got their first outing. In hindsight, when ordering jackets from a company that specialises in clothing rugby teams, it is maybe not a great idea to err on the larger side.

Here is a picture of Scott trying on his new jacket.

As for the curling, I don’t really like going into much detail, so I wont.

Win 9-4 v David Jones. Took our 2’s quite well. Ran it out reasonably easily.
Win 11-3 v Andrew Maitland. They were pretty young.
Win 5-3 v Ally Fraser. Took a 3 in the last to win.
Win 7-1 v Ian Young. This game hurt a little, too early and too hungover.
Win 6-5 v Graeme Shedden. Very close, stole a 3 in the 7th to come back.

So we topped our group and went on to play Robin Brydone in the quarter final. We did the classic Team Edwards routine, go through the group stages undefeated to then lose the first knockout game. We gave up a steal of 2 early on, then an unlucky 3 to be 5-1 down at the halfway point. We managed to claw it back a bit and made him draw the 8ft against 3 for a 7-5 win. Pretty frustrating, but they played quite well.

On the Friday evening following our 3 game day, we had a couple beers, which then turned into being a lot of beers. While this was going on, the entertainment in the ice rink involved a horse race. This involved the two competitors to sit on a chair with a piece of string attached to a wooden horse. The goal is to roll the string around the wee stick to get the horse to your chair first. With one nominated player from each team to compete, Scott was the Team Edwards representative. The picture below shows the concept of the game.

The concept
He battled through 3 rounds of intense competition with the notable demolition of Kerry Barr on the way. It was an extremely proud moment for him. Unfortunately, in the best of 3 grand-final, Scott lost out 2-1, and the EQ pad went to Angus.

Nervous Kerry.... as she should have been!

Following the horse race, Team Edwards made a stop in a local bar. We came across a local gentleman who could be described as having a few too many beverages. After a couple of minutes of us arriving, he wished to engage us in an intense political debate. We glanced on several subjects throughout the course of the evening from Scottish Independence all the way through to conspiracy theories regarding Princess Diana. The very articulate gentleman believed that that the SAS in-fact took her out because she was pregnant with Dodi Fayed’s child. The reason behind this was the government did not want this child to be King. We will let you figure out why this theory one does not really work.

But just in case Rhiann is reading, it doesn’t work because neither Diana or Dodi were members of the Royal family at that time. Therefore, the child would not be inline to the throne. And for Rhiann again, Dodi Fayed was Mohamed Al-Fayed son. Mohamed Al-Fayed was the guy who used to own Harrods. And Harrods is a shop.

As for the cards over the weekend. Something very unique happened. Nobody could really believe it. JOHN PENNY WON A GAME! Congratulations on the victory.

As Dave is now getting into his old age, he requires spectacles for some very basic tasks such as playing cards, curling and looking like a camp Chinese television presenter.

Gok Wan
Dave Edwards

That was The Forfar Open. Next up is the Edinburgh International during the second weekend in November. Scott is going AWOL for that weekend, as he has to work. As far as I am aware, we do not have a replacement for the weekend at this point. If you would like the opportunity of a lifetime to play second for Team Edwards, you can apply in writing to David Edwards. Or text/facebook him. 

That is all from Team Edwards

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