Tuesday, 23 September 2014

New Season

So the new season is nearly upon us and there have been a few things we have had to organise over the past few months. First of all is the competition schedule which is as follows;

03 Oct – 05 Oct               The Ice Bowl Open, Dumfries.

16 Oct – 19 Oct               Euro Playoffs, Perth.

07 Nov – 09 Nov              Edinburgh International. 

21 Nov – 23 Nov              Lockerbie Superspiel.

12 Dec – 14 Dec              Kinross Open.

19 Dec - 21 Dec               Dumfries CCT.

8 Jan – 11 Jan                 Perth Masters.

16 Jan - 18 Jan                Scottish Qualifiers Dumfries.

30 Jan – 1st Feb              Aberdeen City Open.

6 Feb - 8 Feb                   Scottish Qualifiers Braehead.

It looks as if we are going to be in the Dumfries/Lockerbie neck of the woods a lot this season! Nice and close....

This year, Team Edwards have sold out and managed to get a few sponsors on board to make the season a bit easier on the bank account. The sponsors we have secured are;

We are going to shamelessly plug each of the sponsors at a rate of one sponsor per blog over the next few weeks. Today it is VG Energy's turn in the lime light!

VG Energy aim to make renewable energy technologies both easy to understand and affordable. They offer a complete all inclusive service for Biomass, Wind, and Solar PV installations and provide a complete turn-key service. 

So if you are really interested in a wind turbine, biomass boiler or solar PV system, mention TeamEdwards100 to receive a limited time discount on any purchase.

Click HERE to access the VG Energy site and get a far better idea of what the service they provide actually is. Each of the sponsors will appear on the right hand side of the Team Edwards blog over the season, so if you ever get the urge for windows, turf or a wind turbine, give them a click! 

With this new found investment in the team, we have decided to go a bit more upmarket with our kit and get some custom made gear from foxglide! Alan Mitchell sent us several options to choose from and the shirts below are the ones we have selected.

We only finalised the order last week so we have not got the shirts yet, but we would recommend people to use foxglide with the service that has been provided so far!

So the first competition that these shirts will see some action is The Sulwath Open in Dumfries next weekend. This will also be our first time on the ice as a team and our only competition before the European Play-offs. Below is the draw.

Our group games are as follows;

Friday 5th October 5.30pm vs Jamie Malton
Saturday 6th October 11.30am vs China
Saturday 6th October 4.30pm vs Graeme Adam

If we manage to qualify out the section, we are really hoping we don't run into the women's section in the quarter finals, as it will more than likely be the end of the weekend for us!

I am sure you will have all heard of Jessica Ennis-Hill, Jenson Button and Rory McIlroy. One thing they all have in common is that they are sponsored by the large Spanish bank, Santander. When we were looking for some sponsorship a couple of months ago, Billy contacted a guy he knew at the bank and asked about getting some cash. Billy's contact said they give all their sponsorship money to the three people listed above. Fair enough, they will probably get the bank a bit more exposure than Team Edwards on the Scottish Curling Tour. A couple days later, Billy received a package with a note saying, "Sorry we couldn't give you any money but here is a signed Rory McIlroy hat, Jenson Button helmet and a Jessica Ennis-Hill t-shirt". All the gear is shown below. 

The flowerpot is not included. 

So we do not really have any idea what to do with this stuff but we are still grateful for it anyway! We will maybe do some kind of raffle or auction. If anyone wants to make an offer, give us a shout and we will see what we can do! If you are lucky, we may even throw in a signed John Penny green Team Edwards shirt as worn by the man himself in the C road semi final of the 2012 Perth Masters. That should really sweeten the deal. 

Team Edwards

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