Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Summer Update

So the last time you would have heard from us was during the run up to the Scottish Mixed Championship where Dave & Colin and John & Scott played on separate teams. 

Both teams were drawn in the same section so this meant that a pretty massive derby was planned for Friday evening between the two. It was a tight game with the most memorable shot coming from John Penny that made him look like an absolute fool. This was achieved with a shot that I can only ever remember seeing once before, way back in 2004 by an U17 junior girls team in Lockerbie. John Penny actually managed to 'take his one' when playing a THROW THROUGH FOR A BLANK. There is a wee diagram below showing how he actually managed to do this. 

John Penny is a fool.
Despite this ridiculously amateur error, John's team managed to come out victorious over the old boys. The standings in the group were extremely tight with Dave, John and Ewan MacDonald tied for first; through some kind of draw shot ranking/bribery of officials, Dave managed to get the automatic berth in the semi final. JP's team were up against Ewan's loaded team of reigning champs in a 4 end play off to qualify. JP and co were in a bit of a hole being 3 down after 2 ends. The team managed to claw it back and take it to an extra where JP redeemed himself slightly with a pretty phenomenal last shot to set up the steal in the extra. Below is Pye's edited footage of the shot.

After that, it was onwards to the semi finals where Mr Edwards was downed by Kyle Smith but JP's team snuck by Dave Mundell for a place in the final. 

The scoreline in the final against Kyle was actually quite close, but in all honestly, we were absolutely blown off the park. We had to settle for our silver medals this time round. 

So congratulations to Kyle Smith, Hannah Fleming, Billy Morton and the other one that was playing!

The champs sweeping hard and looking natural.
So in a pretty tedious link, I am sure that the majority of you will have already heard that we have made a switch at the lead position with Colin Campbell leaving and Billy Morton coming in. It has been a great few years playing with Colin and although he is taking it easy in terms of curling this winter, we wish him all the best in the future. 

Some of you will maybe not know Billy, so here is a wee introduction.

Billy Morton - Profile

Billy aspires to be a model.
Position: Lead

Hometown: Galston
Resides: Glasgow
Occupation: Farmer
DOB: 15 April 1991
Relationship Status: "Single"

Billy has played with Grant Hardie for the last few seasons but has experience of playing with some members of our team before as he won the 2011 Scottish Juniors with John. Their junior team were also taken under the wing and "guided" through the season by the one and only Greig Henderson, so that will thankfully not be a shock to the system for Billy.

JP and Bill winning the 2011 Scottish Junior Championship. They have both been banned from selecting team trousers because of this.

Both Scott and Billy played in the Stirling Summer Skins last weekend trying to emulate David Edwards' success last season in lifting the trophy. Both didn't make it past the quarters finals which was not too disappointing. There were some bloody late nights. 

Fubar team bonding.

David Edwards was unable to defend his Stirling Skins title this year as he is whipped and has a baby. The news so far from the Edwards household is that the baby is not ginger and looks more like Louise, so good news all round!

Dave looking athletic petting a dolphin.
So this year we are looking to do something that we have never ever done before, and that is play well at the start of the season. We have been invited to participate in the European Playoffs which I have been told include Ewan MacDonald, David Murdoch and Tom Brewster. These will take place in Perth at the end of October. We will only have one event as a team prior to this competition but we will hopefully not have to face any of our standard early season woes as we will not be nursing tremendous hangovers through quarter finals against women's team.

That is it for now,
Team Edwards

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