Tuesday, 18 November 2014

European Curling Championships 2014

So we are just about to head off to Switzerland for the European Curling Championship! This is our first go at representing Scotland on the men's international scene after what feels like years and years of trying to get there.

In preparation for the event we had a training day at Curl Aberdeen last Sunday with everyone that would be travelling out with us. We established what we were doing at the pre-game and pre-tournament practices and played a few fun games between ourselves.

As well as this, a short phsyio session with Maggie Bush was organised so she had an idea of the physical mess she would be inheriting the responsibility for in Champery. We were supposed to have 15 minutes each, but as John is generally falling to pieces, he managed to burn through the entire teams time himself. 

We got all of the playing kit and off ice gear on Sunday which was handy.

We have had Team Edwards cards made for the European Championships to dish out throughout the course of the week. Team Edwards superfan, Rory Byers, was first in the queue to get a hold of the much sought after card. He has the goal to get all of the teams signatures by the end of the season so he has a valuable piece of curling memorabilia for the future. With the most valuable signature already acquired, he is well on his way to achieving this goal. 

Created by Graphic Designing superstar, Stuart McLachlan.
Unfortunately for Rory, when the team is in Switzerland we are going to be signing all of the cards anyway. 

We have got the flights booked going from Aberdeen-Amsterdam-Geneva. I have checked, they are for November 19th 2014. Which is the day, month and year we want to go. But after the issues we experienced with the flights going to Russia, here is evidence to put everyone's mind at ease.

Billy is heading out with the girls from Edinburgh and we will meet up with the rest of the crew in Amsterdam for the final leg!

We are staying at the Le Beau-Sejour hotel which sounds pretty French and is looking pretty awesome.

The schedule of play can be found HERE. We are straight in at the deep end against the current world champions from Norway.

The Eurosport schedule says that our game against Germany will be shown on Monday 24th November at 1pm on Eurosport 1. There are then one hour of highlights at 5pm the same day on Eurosport 2. The World Curling TV youtube channel will probably be showing more of games over the course of the week which can be found HERE.

At the moment there are two of our games being streamed on youtube.

Draw 2: Scotland vs Denmark
Draw 5: Scotland vs Germany

Thanks very much to all of the sponsors that have given us support and stuff over the last couple of weeks in the run up to the event! It has been a great help!

So wish us luck when we are out there please! We will try our best!

Team Edwards

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