Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Kinross Open

While getting organised for Moscow we have had to complete a couple of administrative tasks. Dave requested that we each send him a photocopy of our passport so he could send them away to Anastasia to sort out our Visas. This was what Scott sent to Dave.

Scott's hilarious attempt at a joke.
After Scott being firmly told by David to send a photocopy of the correct page as we were in a rush, he got in line and sent his in. Given the response following the retro pictures that were posted of Dave, we thought that you would enjoy a snapshot of our passport photos.

Here are Scott, John and Colin. Apologies about quality.

Scott 'Heroin Addict' Macleod

John 'the gay one' Penny 

Colin 'Fat Boy' Campbell 
We were unable to obtain Dave and Greig's passport pictures as they never included them in the email. Sly buggers.

Last weekend Scott, Dave, Rhiann and Louise took part in the inaugural Curl Aberdeen Club Bonspiel representing Petroleum CC.

This was the team line-up.

Skip - Scott Macleod
Third - David Edwards
Second - Rhiann Macleod
Lead - Louise Edwards

Outrageous shout.

Despite the girls lacking any experience and skill in sweeping any stones that were sub 2.3 seconds, the team coasted through the first 2 games and earned their place in the final where they would be fighting for the much coveted championship trophy.

Although I said it was a final, it wasn't really, as it was a schenkel. In the final end of the final game, Team Macleod were 1 up without. Being slightly down on ends, the team had to steal to ensure they would top the schenkel. This did not go to plan. With no stones remaining, we were lying one against and the opposition had the tournament in the bag. At the last moment, the opposing skip decided to play the hit for 6 with his last stone as he had nothing to lose........  The diagram below shows what actually happened.

It was actually a hit for 5, but I realised that after I made the diagram.

This gave us the stolen point that we needed to win the tournament in what was an absolute nightmare of a shot for the lad. Commiserations.

Lovely first prize. Tom was not on our team.

Next weekend we are heading down the road for the penultimate leg of the Scottish Curling Tour in Kinross.

As you can see, we are sitting in third. As far as I am aware, ourselves and Ross are the only two teams competing in both of the final two events. So to earn the Galbraith Trophy and £2,000 again, we are needing to take McCleary out at some point.

This is what we have lined up for us in the group stages.

Friday 6pm vs Robert Walker
Saturday 9.30am vs David Jones
Saturday 2.30pm vs Lorna Vevers

As we are playing a women's team in one game, we are almost guaranteed at least one loss.

The Kinross Open will mark the one year anniversary of the infamous 'Cinnamon Challenge'. We will be looking to reinstate the 'Challenge Scott' series, but we are struggling for ideas. If you have any suggestions, you are more than welcome to make a contribution.

We very rarely get comments on our blogs, but this is one that popped up in reply to our Moscow blog and we thought that it deserved a bit of attention!

"I reckon you've fallen for an RCCC stitch up. To ensure you don't win the Scottish, the Russians "invite" you to play in Red Square, Moscow, and pay "all your expenses" and give you more "Vodka than you could ever drink". Double Agent Logan Gray has a hand in this I tell you. Without doubt, Colin and John will be incarcerated for crimes against fashion and sent to the salt mines in Siberia, while Scott "ladies man" McLeod will no doubt be led astray by some Russian mafia's tottie, and will mysteriously acquire a pair of concrete curling shoes in the Volga river. Dave Edwards, well he will be forced to be masseur for the Team Sidorova for the rest of the season. It'll be hell!"
Very well done to whoever composed that beast. It made us laugh. Especially the bit where you called Scott a 'ladies man'. Good one. But poor Dave, such a brutal punishment......

If any of you are unsure about what some of the members of Team Sidorova look like. Here is a short video clip that will give you an idea....

No idea how it is still only on 900 views.
Team Edwards

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