Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Summer Training

The blog has had a massive layoff over the summer months. This has been in part due to my laziness, as well as it being the summer, therefore not too much happening on the curling front. Despite this, we have still been training hard on and off the ice.

On ice sessions have taken place in Kilmarnock, Stirling and Greenacres throughout the back end on of the summer racking up massive fuel bills and repair costs for our vehicles. Our new tops for the season got their first outing at the Greenacres Training week which can be read about and viewed here We were there for a total of 5 days. Throughout the time we were doing some sweeping training, learning what weight control was and just some other technical stuff to make us amazing. We were able to put this into practice in a couple of bounce games against Team Murdoch and Team Gray. In the first game against Murdoch, we started very well by stealing a 4. Unfortunately, that was as far as our dominance went as we ended up losing the game quite comfortably. We were missing Colin for our second game as he was tutoring the up and coming Brewster rink from Aberdeen at the CCT event in Baden. Colin did well and lost the final to Sven Michel from the Alps. While he was away gallivanting in Switzerland, the rest of us with, the addition of Billy Morton, had the practice game against Logan Gray. This was a better game for us and we ran out 5-0 winners I think.

With the season about to actually start, our first competition as a team is the Oslo Cup which runs 23-25 September. I am struggling to remember who we have to play , but I think it includes Niklas Edin, Thomas Lovold, a German team and a Finnish team. Lead, Second and Third are flying out on the Wednesday before the tournament via Amsterdam, Schipol. The Skip and Coach are flying out the day after via Stavanger. This has reminded me that we now have a coach.

Greig Henderson has agreed to be our coach for the season which we are all very pleased about. Soren Gran told us he owed a favour to the Hendersons as part of the deal in seccuring Greig for the coaching post on Team Edwards. A curling session with Soren will be auctioned off at the Aberdeen Ladies Invitational this year. We appreciate the sacrifice you have made for us, Soren.

In other good news, we are now attending the Champions Curling Tour event in Champery this year. We are happy to have opportunity to earn a few thousand CHF. This weekend will also be good preparation for the European Playoffs that follow this competition.

I will attempt to update this more regularly from now on.

Have a good day,
Team Edwards

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